QuickBooks Online Accountant Integration with QuickBooks Self-Employed and Pro Connect Tax Online

Accounting professionals are the back bone for every small business and intuit has always acknowledged that and as per intuit there was 6% of freelance work force in 1989.

Which will grow to 43% in the year 2020 which is off course not that far of us and keeping that in mind we will have to “Accounting professionals are our most trusted, important partners, which is why we are focused on delivering products and services that help them grow and become more efficient in the work they do,” said Rich Preece, leader of Intuit’s Accountant Segment, Small Business Group.

“Deeper integrations between our QuickBooks and ProConnect Tax Online products enables accounting professionals to evolve into Firms of the Future, focused on meeting the needs of all their clients and delivering insights that can lead to improved growth and profitability for all.”

How is this Integration of Quickbooks online Accountant will help professionals?

1. Saving of time:

With this integration of Quickbooks online accountants businesses are going to save lot of time in management of their accounts and tax filling.

2. Access unlimited support:

With this feature you as a business owner will have access to the entire pro adviser those who can help you with your needs of accounting.

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3. Tax filing status:

With the integration of Pro-connect tax online you will be able to access tax filing status for your tax clients.

4. Automatic notifications:

You will be working in real time with the clients enabling you to give attention when they need it.

5. One Stop Shop:

You don’t have to work on multiple platforms for your clients all your tasks can be done at one given place.

It is the right time for you to look in to all the integrations available at Quickbooks which will enable you to execute business with saving time and money both.

Need Professional Help?

You should definitely look at Quickbooks integration with G suite and QuickBooks integration with paypal both if these will help your day in day out work immensely. We can also provide you support for QuickBooks Self Employed support any time of the day. Call Us at smbaccountants.com.

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