GoDaddy Bookkeeping vs QuickBooks Online Integration

GoDaddy QuickBooks integration is a very useful method to make all your transactions swift, quick and efficient. Several online tools can help you in QuickBooks Integration with GoDaddy services.

In this article, we will be looking at T- HUB managers. We will discuss the ways with which you can easily integrate GoDaddy’s orders into QuickBooks. So let us begin!

Versions of T- HUB:

T- HUB comes in two versions. They are: as follows:

  • Windows Desktop version
  • Online Cloud Version.

How does T- HUB help in integration?

When you download QuickBooks on your computer, you need to download T- HUB too to integrate the online orders into QuickBooks.

Once the download is done you may follow these steps to integrate the online orders:

  • First of all open T- HUB on your computer.
  • Then please look for the option that says- ‘Process Orders.’ Once you click on it, T- HUB will take you to a new Process order screen.
  • On the new screen, all the transactions from your website will be displayed.
  • Now look for the option that says- ‘Download orders.’ It is represented as a ‘green down arrow’ on the top toolbar.
  • Please click on the ‘Download orders’ By clicking on it, you can bring the orders from your website into the T- HUB.
  • Now you can select your desired orders (any number of orders) from the order list.
  • Once you have carefully made the order selection, please look for an option that has QuickBooks icon. You can find it in the top toolbar of your screen.
  • Please click on the QuickBooks icon. This will go through all your posting preferences. After going through them it will post all your online sales into your QuickBooks account.
  • Once the posting is done successfully, you will notice that on the order processing page, the posting status has turned
  • If you want to look into the order posting status details, you can click on the green button, which will show you a small pop-up screen. Here you can view what files have been posted to your QuickBooks account.
  • Further, you can double click on your desired transaction number and this will open that particular transaction from QuickBooks so that you can review You can view details such as:
    • Item/s.
    • Descriptions.
    • Quantity.
    • Discounts (if applicable.)
    • Tax etc.
  • Posting your orders from GoDaddy to QuickBooks was that simple! You can even prefer to make the entire process described above automatic. How? Here is how you can do so:
    • Click on Automation Settings.
    • Check to mark the option that says- Automatic QuickBooks posting.
    • Click on
    • By enabling it, you will find that the T- HUB Automator has started to bring the orders from your website into QuickBooks every few minutes.
    • This will save a lot of your time, and effort and offer precision.
Need Professional Help?

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