Quickbooks Integration with Pay Simple

Pay Simple is a software that syncs the online payment data with QuickBooks Online. With the integration of Pay Simple and QuickBooks online, a lot of time and efforts can be saved as there will be no need to enter any of the payment transactions manually. Besides the risk of manual errors are reduces as there is no manual interference and accuracy is ensured as the software automatically filters any bad or duplicate entries.

The payment data will sync with QuickBooks Online in real-time and thus the accurate position of the business is known at any point in time.

The first and the foremost requirement for integrating Pay Simple with QuickBooks is that you need to have accounts with both Pay Simple as well as QuickBooks. If not then the first step is to download and set up a login for Pay Simple as well as QuickBooks.

Steps to integrate Pay Simple with QuickBooks

Below are the steps to integrate quickbooks with Pay Simple; follow them carefully;

  • Login to your QuickBooks account.
  • Go to the Apps Menu on the left-hand side and select Find Apps.
  • Type Pay Simple in the search bar.
  • Click on Connect with Pay Simple and then get the app now.
  • Answer the security question and click on next.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions and set up the app as per your requirement.

Once you will select authorise, the Pay Simple transactions will automatically get synced with the QuickBooks online.

How to map the transactions

While you are setting up the app, you can view as well as edit the accounts to which the Pay Simple transactions will get mapped to the QuickBooks online automatically. These are generally the default settings which can be modified during the setup.

Integrating the past transactions

Pay Simple enables you to import the past transactions up to last 18 months into the QuickBooks Online. As a default setting, none of the past transaction will get transferred to the QuickBooks.

However, this setting can be changed by choosing the appropriate date range from the drop-down menu. If you forget to set up the date at the time of set up you can even do that later on manually.

Once the import has been completed you should be able to review the Pay Simple transactions in the QuickBooks Online.

These transactions are broadly categorized into 3 groups

  • Sales transactions.
  • Expense transactions.
  • Bank Transfers.

Thus this is the manner in which Pay Simple transactions can be integrated with QuickBooks online. Once the setup is complete, there will be a real-time integration of the Pay Simple transaction in the QuickBooks. This is how Pay Simple and QuickBooks can integrate the online payment transactions.

If you are facing any problem in integrating QuickBooks with Pay Simple kindly get in touch with our QuickBooks Technical Support team on Instant smbaccountants.com Option.

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