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Integrating your QuickBooks accounting with property management software like AppFolio allows you to flexibly manage your business. This integration empowers you to monitor the performance of your business more accurately or more efficiently. Furthermore, security data is encrypted, and website connections are secured with high transport layer security.

It offers a secure server that employs multi-layer perimeter security, including firewalls and other advanced technology, to prevent outside attackers from interfering with or accessing them. This article gives you all the relevant information about AppFolio QuickBooks Integration. Let’s continue reading this post till the end. 

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What is AppFolio?

AppFolio is a web-based property management application that’s loaded with both accounting and management options. Property managers use it to manage a range of portfolio types, including those for residential, commercial, student housing, and community associations.

AppFolio is a company founded in 2006 that provides software-as-a-service programs for the niche market. In the real estate industry, AppFolio primarily focuses on cloud-based property management software, services, and data analytics.

AppFolio simplifies the task of handling your residential portfolio’s information for both you and your team. With AppFolio, you can efficiently manage your properties, enabling you to dedicate more attention to your communities and providing residents with an exceptional experience. It provides a secure server that employs advanced multi-layer edge security measures, such as firewalls and other cutting-edge technologies, to safeguard against external threats and prevent any disruptions. Here are some of the services it offers:

  • Accounting & Reporting
  • Maintenance & Operations
  • Training & Staffing
  • Leasing & Marketing
  • Growth & Management

What is QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is the most popular software for accounting and managing expenses or keeping track of daily health. QuickBooks Software has various features like Electronic payment functions, mapping features, remote payroll assistance, remote access capabilities, and outsourcing, online banking and reconciliation, better mail functionality with Microsoft Outlook. QuickBooks has three different versions of accounting software desktop, online, and cloud-based solutions for tracking all financial information and creating reports for every part of the business.

Why do you need to Integrate AppFolio With QuickBooks?

Most of you use QuickBooks for accounting when you start a new property management business. But over the years, you have grown and continue growing but you may suddenly realize that QB is lacking some features.  As a result, it may affect your business’ growing productivity. In that case, QuickBooks integrating with the best Property Management software, AppFolio solution is the pillar of your business and you should not let it be a roadblock to your business growth. 

Let’s see some of the reasons how this integration helps you to grow your business even faster:

  • Avoid double data entry: You and your staff are forced to track this information in emails, handwritten notes, and spreadsheets, which you then have to manually enter back into your QuickBooks system because you can’t receive online applications, track prospective renters, receive maintenance requests, or other key tasks with QuickBooks. This is time that could be better spent marketing and growing the company.
  • Get a comprehensive snapshot of your properties: As your property portfolio increases, it’s critical to be able to get a complete picture of how your properties are performing, including the status of vacancies; past-due rent payments, and other relevant data. There is no method to identify this information in QuickBooks but now it can be easily searched or gathered in one location.
  • Owners can self-serve information: Each month, you spend many hours on QuickBooks going over your data and printing and mailing owner statements. You’ll have to personally chase down questions from property owners who want to know how their properties are doing. This is a time consuming and tedious task!
  • Reduce the cost and disruption with improved or upgraded features: You’re aware that you’re not using the most recent version of QuickBooks, and that the older version isn’t meeting your requirements, but you can’t bear the notion of going through the hassle and expense of updating. You’re also falling behind on allowing your employees and consumers to access information via the Internet. Because you utilize the internet and mobile devices, you lack the resources to implement and operate the technologies required.
  • Manage different vendors for multiple outside services: QuickBooks isn’t tailored to specific property management needs because it’s meant as a wide accounting solution. When property management software like AppFolio comes with all of these functions as part of your monthly service, there’s no reason to suffer through coordinating and managing several providers.
  • Work on the go: Working with customers on-site, assessing their properties, and marketing their business, the modern property manager is mobile and on the go. You require a solution that is accessible whenever and wherever you require it.
  • Handle too much business: It is even possible to have too much business with QuickBooks; it is pretty possible. Successful property management companies will quickly outgrow the software’s fundamental functions and capabilities, resulting in slower performance and faults. Your management reports are prone to mistakes and obsolete information as a result of all the inquiries and fresh prospect information flowing in.
  • Less user login reduces data insecurity: As your company grows and you hire more people, getting new employees up to speed takes more time and training than if you use a user-friendly solution that doesn’t require accounting knowledge. Also, because QuickBooks charges per user, staff may share logins to save money, which compromises your data security.

Advantages of QuickBooks AppFolio Integration

Integrating QuickBooks and AppFolio can offer several advantages, including:

  • Increased Accuracy: While you do manual data entry steps can introduce potential errors. using an integrated system that eliminates human error and ensures increased accuracy throughout the process.
  • Improved Financial Reporting: The QuickBooks advanced reporting feature creates financial reports that offer awareness of financial performance.
  • Streamlining Accounting Processes: Streamlining accounting processes, such as accounts payable, general ledger, and accounts receivable, can help property managers maintain accurate financial records and minimize errors, and improve financial management. Adopting integrated systems tailored to property management, property managers can streamline their accounting procedures, ensuring smooth operations.
  • Increased Visibility: To stay ahead in the competitive property management industry, managers required timely and accurate data. Using an integrated property management system, property managers can view real-time data and gain insights into their financial performance. By accessing up-to-date information, property managers can verify trends, spot potential issues, and take a decision on how to make better business

Step-by-Step Integration Instructions

Follow these steps to integrate AppFolio with QuickBooks:

  • Log in to both QuickBooks and AppFolio.
  • In AppFolio, navigate to the “Integrations” option.
  • Locate and select “QuickBooks” from the list of available integrations.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions provided to establish the connection between your AppFolio and QuickBooks accounts.
  • Once the connection is established, you gain control over which data you want to sync between the two accounts.
  • Take advantage of customization options to tailor the integration according to your specific needs and preferences.

Does QuickBooks have a Property Management Module?

You may use QuickBooks to set up a company file that allows you to run your property management business and do operations such as receiving and tracking rent from tenants, paying property owners and management agencies, and calculating fees and overhead expenses for property maintenance.

How Does Using AppFolio Impact Your Business Overall?

Being able to add the defined user roles within AppFolio has been very helpful. They are user-friendly and you can do exactly what you want. If you want to add a leasing agent, simply plug them into your system, and away they go. Moreover, the user-friendliness and ease of use, and simplicity that AppFolio offers while maintaining that level of sophistication that you need to have detailed bookkeeping. 


As a busy and growing property management business, you can’t afford to be wasting time with solutions that only cover a fraction of your business. To truly grow and modernize your business, you need an AppFolio QuickBooks Integration solution that covers the entire workflow from marketing to leasing and beyond!

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Are you still not able to resolve your QuickBooks Integration issue? We have a team of QuickBooks Integration experts with years of experience in resolving errors and issues. If you need any help asap, CHAT NOW with our experts.


Can AppFolio replace QuickBooks?

The software itself has nice accounting features, but it probably isn’t a good full replacement if you’re already using QuickBooks.

Does AppFolio integrate with QBO?

Integrating QuickBooks Online and AppFolio is a breeze thanks to the Tray Platform’s powerful connectors for QuickBooks Online and AppFolio. These connectors allow seamless connections to various services, eliminating the need for additional integration tools.

How can I integrate with QuickBooks?

Integration with QuickBooks Online API takes only 3 steps:
1. To begin, start by setting up an account on the Intuit Developer portal.
2. Afterward, proceed to create an application within your developer account.
3. The subsequent step involves utilizing the client keys to generate OAuth tokens.

Is AppFolio an accounting system?

AppFolio is constructed upon a strong foundation of accounting software, guaranteeing that you require only one solution to fulfill all your community association management requirements.

How does the AppFolio QuickBooks Integration simplify property management?

Seamlessly sync data between AppFolio and QuickBooks, streamlining financial processes for efficient management.

Is the AppFolio QuickBooks Integration easy to set up?

Yes, setting up the integration is straightforward, allowing you to quickly connect AppFolio with QuickBooks.

Can the AppFolio QuickBooks Integration help with financial reporting?

Absolutely! The integration ensures accurate and real-time financial data for comprehensive reporting and analysis.

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