How to Integrate Paylocity with QuickBooks Online

Paylocity QuickBooks Integration

Paylocity is an online software specifically designed to simplify everyday payroll and HR-related tasks. With Paylocity you can ease the HR processes and even save on cost and time. Besides that, Paylocity can be easily integrated with QuickBooks thereby saving on duplication of entries. In this article, we will see how to integrate Paylocity and QuickBooks.

The Integrations Marketplace by Paylocity is an Integration Platform as a Service (IPAAS) and has two main features.

  • To manage the existing Integrations.
  • To enable browsing and selection of new integrations on the supported Vendor List.

Paylocity offers 180-degree outbound integration with QuickBooks. This means there is only one-way integration and the data from Paylocity will flow to QuickBooks. The vice-versa is not possible.

Steps To Integrate Paylocity and QuickBooks

To integrate Paylocity and QuickBooks follow the steps provided below:

Total Time: 3 minutes

  1. Login Paylocity

    Login to Paylocity Web Pay

  2. Select Integrations

    Go to Web Services menu and select Integrations.

  3. Open Browse marketplace menu

    Open Browse marketplace menu from the right side and search QuickBooks.

  4. Fill the Information

    ➤ Under the data exchanged action you will have detailed information about the data that will be exchanged from the selected vendor. (This option is however not available for QuickBooks Online).
    ➤ Once you click on begin Integration the Paylocity Automated Data Exchange (PADE) request form will open up.

  5. Complete The PADE Form

    Complete the PADE form and sign the same digitally. This will automatically create a request ticket to the partner integration implementation analyst who will call you within 2-4 days with the billing information and additional documents that will be required to be submitted by the vendor.

  6. Last Step

    For QuickBooks online, when you will click on begin Integration, you will access Journal Entry setup that will enable you to connect to your QBO account and map the web pay codes to the respective QBO accounts.

Need Professional Help?

Thus the aforesaid are the steps to integrate QuickBooks and Paylocity. If you are facing any problem in integrating the same then kindly get in touch with our QuickBooks Technical Support team on our Toll-Free Number They will help you with step by step integration.


  1. Is it easy to integrate Paylocity with QuickBooks?

    Firstly, you need to login into Paylocity and then choose the integrations. From the web service menu, the user has to choose the integrations. Now, you have to open the browse marketplace menu and locate QuickBooks. Follow the displayed guidelines until the program is not finished. Once the program is completed then fill in all required details in the mandatory section.

  2. What benefits do I get after integrating Paylocity with QuickBooks?

    QuickBooks Paylocity integration comes with many benefits to track each function of your business accountancy with more accuracy. The best advantage of this integration is that it works as connectors that means the user doesn’t need to connect any service without the requirement for the separate integrating tools.

  3. How do I run integration Paylocity with QuickBooks?

    To run the QuickBooks Paylocity integration, a user has to add and then start a payroll in QuickBooks. Then make new changes in the Quick Pay screen and also edit the pay details screen. Now, you have to create an additional and manual check to verify the tool. Must be sure to complete the audit screen and then approve the batch tools and click on the submit button.