QuickBooks and G Suite Integration- Google and Intuit working on the integration

Intuit giants in accounting software started its operation in California in 1983. QuickBooks has 56% of its user are using Google calendar which is product of Google. With so many of QuickBooks users already using Google products it becomes an requirement that the companies should be making progress in working together on integration which should be an easy work for the end users.

Google and Intuit have announced its collaboration for tie up for the integration which is going to help the small businesses to use both the services and will enable them to complete their tasks without any issues.

Google Apps for work now (G Suite Subscriber) will be integrated through Google calendar in Quickbooks users can access and save each appointment through QuickBooks and bill invoice for their time automatically in the QuickBooks software they will be saved from the manual work of billing clients for the work.

Benefits of using G Suite with QuickBooks:

There are several benefits of integrating quickbooks with G-Suite, some of them are mentioned below;

1. Single User Login:

Now using G suite marketplace you can register Quickbooks. It will provide single sign on feature and the user now doesn’t have to remember many login and password.

2. Time Saving:

If you are using the both the application together it will save you from lot manual work.

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