Insightly QuickBooks Integration

Nowadays, any successful business highly depends on technology. The problem is getting the solutions you utilize to communicate with one another so that the data they contain is up-to-date and accurate. This article is based on how you can integrate two business software i.e.,

QuickBooks accounting software and Insightly CRM software. However, Insightly uniquely offers CRM & Project Management in one so you can manage sales pipelines, customer relationships and make sure you’re on top of your projects at every stage.

Moreover, you can discover a measurable increase in convenience, efficiency, and productivity when you integrate Insightly CRM with QuickBooks. This integration also lets you view any customer payment status and history within Insightly via the QuickBooks tab. Let’s know other relevant information related to Insightly QuickBooks Integration

How does integration help you?

  • Users will benefit from the QuickBooks integration since they will be able to access any record within Insightly via the QB tab without having to enter data or log in twice.
  • It delivers a comprehensive perspective of the end customer in one location. 
  • It’s not necessary to switch back and forth between options.
  • Adopting Insightly, the average time to execute a project has decreased by 28%, just with QuickBooks integration. 
  • It will save time, streamline information flow, and provide users with a clearer view of customer account history, including invoices and payments, as well as CRM data.

Using QuickBooks with Insightly

With Insightly’s integration with QuickBooks you can:

  • View information from the accounting program within Insightly
  • Copy and link data between the two softwares
  • Create new QuickBooks Customers from Insightly

This integration also lets you connect QB records to your Insightly contacts such as:

  • Invoice, payment, and estimate dates
  • Document numbers, and more. 

Key Benefits

  • Grow your business efficiently: Build better client relationships over time, accelerate sales, and surpass expectations at every step of the way to grow your business faster than ever before. 
  • Customer-centric financial view: Without leaving the Insightly CRM, you can see your full customer base, including account status, invoices, and payments.
  • Payment details at your fingertips: Within the Insightly contact record, you may see open, late, and income payment details.
  • Efficient recordkeeping: By tying invoices, payments, and estimates to client contacts, opportunities, or projects, you can eliminate double data entry.
  • Keeps tabs on due dates: Using Invoice Date, Payment Date, Estimate Date, or Document Numbers, link specific QuickBooks records to contacts.

Activating the QuickBooks Integration 

Insightly can be connected to QuickBooks by an administrator who has an Intuit login. This will allow you to provide chosen Insightly user’s customer summaries as well as the status of individual bills, payments, or estimates. You’ll be able to use QuickBooks with Insightly, once you’ve completed the setup.

Make sure that you must be an Insightly administrator in order to install QuickBooks integration: 

  • Go to the System Settings >>> Integrations 
  • Next, click on the “Install” button for QuickBooks 
  • Now, click on the tab called “Connect to QuickBooks” 
  • You’ll be redirected to the login page for QB and then enter the Intuit login credentials 
  • After that, click on the “Sign In” button 
  • To allow the Insightly or display QuickBooks data, click on the “Authorize” tab whenever you request the same 
  • Back in Insightly, move to the QuickBooks integration page and then select the Insightly users who’ll have the permission in view the QB financial information in Insightly 
  • Choose Everyone or Selected individual people 
  • Hold the CMD key on Mac or the Ctrl key on the PC to select the multiple individuals 
    • In order to save the changes, click on the “Save Permissions” button 
    • Your selected Insightly users will be able to connect and view QuickBooks information right from the QuickBooks tab in your Insightly records 
    • Sales Receipts will not transfer or display within the QuickBooks tab. 

There is no synchronization between the two systems as a result of the integration. Following the instructions in Connecting Insightly to QuickBooks, Insightly administrators with an Intuit login can set up the integration. The QuickBooks icon and subtab will display on each of your main records after the integration is installed. Organizations, contacts, opportunities, and projects can all be linked in QuickBooks.

Organizations and contacts 

  • Open a contact or organization in Insightly and then click on the QuickBooks icon 
  • It will activate an automatic search for a matching organization (by name) or contact (by name or email address) within your QuickBooks record 
  • In case, Insightly doesn’t find a match in QB then you need to type a name within the search box and then hit the “Search” tab 
  • Click on the “Add Link” when a match is found 
  • QB’s overview will be displayed in Insightly, including with contact information and a financial summary

You can do the following from the subtab’s Actions menu:

  • To remove the accounting information from this Insightly record, unlink the present record
  • Copy basic information from one system to another (addresses, phone/fax numbers, email addresses, and website addresses)
  • In a new tab, open the linked QB item
  • Estimates, bills, and payments will be listed below the summary
  • To filter the items displayed, select an option from the Show list
  • Click on the “View” button to log in to QuickBooks and access the record if you have an Intuit login and want to see the specifics of a transaction or amend it.

Opportunities and Projects 

Invoices, payments, and estimates that you have directly or indirectly linked to the record will appear under the Opportunities and Projects. Direct links are products that you have found and selected from QuickBooks, while indirect connections are items that you have found and selected from other sources. Insightly Links are items that are connected to the contacts and organizations with which the current record is associated.

Steps to link the QuickBooks record directly 

You can link certain QuickBooks records based on Invoice Date, Payment Date, Estimate Date, or document numbers because opportunities and projects do not carry contact information.

  • Initially, go to the Invoice Actions >>> Payment Actions >>> Estimate Actions menu 
  • Next, select the “Find” tab 
  • From QuickBooks, enter a document number and/or a date range in order to view a list of matching items 
  • And then click on the Find… link
  • Once found then click on the Link button in order to create link between the QuickBooks items and current record 
  • After that, click on the “View” tab in order to open the QB and view the document 
  • The item with a direct link will now appear with a Un-Link button which is on the right-side screen. 

In Conclusion!

Two of your favorite products integrated together help you do quick, simple, and sophisticated tasks. Easy to understand yet diverse enough to take care of all the nitty-gritty your company would ever need to utilize or integrate. Insightly QuickBooks Integration is both a time saver and a money saver. In short, a well-oiled platform ready to take on all your needs.


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