Etsy Integration with QuickBooks

How to Integrate Etsy with Quickbooks?

Sellers on Etsy stores can find it highly useful and effective when they integrate Etsy with QuickBooks and both the software can be accessed through one dashboard. This integration helps streamline accounting operations seamlessly and helps save time and effort.

Etsy is an online e-commerce website on which users can buy and sell craft related and a variety of factory manufactured items. This buying and selling community sell or buy handicraft related supplies, vintage items, jewelry, clothing and several other products. Users can sell or buy home made items online without the stress of setting up a website or a real store or selling items in craft shows or fairs.

Through QuickBooks which is a cloud based or desktop accounting software solution, small or medium size business owners can easily track sales, expenses and transactions. Accuracy and maintaining records are important in bookkeeping and QuickBooks helps keep your finances in order and become more organized.

Planning future finances, generating reports, keeping track of transactions is easy with this versatile and highly popular accounting software which was established by Intuit.

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Etsy and QuickBooks integration is important to keep track and gain better insights about finances for small and medium online business owners.

Why is Integrating Etsy with QuickBooks a good idea?

QuickBooks makes the accounting, sales, and tracking orders easy. QuickBooks also proves a fantastic platform to be able to sync all sales together. It also helps give the daily summary of business done.

Along with that, QuickBooks helps with entering the other sales made. It also helps in making and tracking receipts to give a summary of daily business. 

It also helps make accounting charts and reports to help understand the profits.

It also gives authentic results. It makes managing the business easier.

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Note: Make sure that you conduct a thorough research about the third-party app that you will have to use. This is because the apps can carry bugs, and they might not be authentic.

Another significant factor to consider is the settings of the app and the two integrating services. 

Advantages of Etsy and QuickBooks Integration

Users can gain advantage and benefits through Etsy and QuickBooks integration as it helps manage their online businesses in efficient ways.

  • Etsy is an online ecommerce store with millions of users and when it is integrated with the well-recognized accounting software QuickBooks provides clearer insights into finances
  • Sellers can track their expenses, tax related details and profits easily and accounting processes get automated and effortless
  • Better accuracy and data categorization are achieved
  • Credit card transactions, invoicing, receipts, inventory, orders and report generation features can be easily managed through one dashboard
  • Customer related details can be updated effectively through the integration.

How to Integrate Etsy with QuickBooks?

There are simple steps that can be followed to link the Etsy and QuickBooks accounts together. However, it is done using a third-party app. 

The steps that need to be taken are all listed below: 

Total Time: 10 minutes

  1. Step 1: Use a third-party app to connect accounts:

    The first step is to connect both accounts using a third-party app. 

    These apps can be found on the App Store and Play Store. It is essential to research before selecting which app you will choose.

  2. Step 2: Log in to accounts

    The next step is to log into both accounts. To do this, go to the integration option and select QuickBooks and Etsy as options.

    After that is done, log into both the different apps with the account you have. This will cause both of them to appear with your details on the page. 

  3. Step 3: Select Flow configuration:

    In several third-party apps, there will be an option that asks you to select the flow configuration. 

    Clicking on that option will help transfer all details of your Etsy account and transactions to the QuickBooks account. This will make the entire accounting process easier. 

  4. Step 4: Select Tax configuration:

    The next option to select is the tax configuration option. Most third-party apps will also have this option available.

    Selecting this option will enable QuickBooks to calculate taxes and manage the money coming in and going out better. 

    Some people prefer not to have their taxes calculated since they prefer the manual method. It is entirely a personal choice. 

  5. Step 5: Sync the accounts:

    The last step is to click on the sync or combine option. Most third-party apps will have the option listed as ‘Sync.’ Selecting this option will integrate Etsy to QuickBooks.

Expert Technical Assistance for Etsy and QuickBooks Integration

When you need to integrate Etsy and QuickBooks for the smooth operation of your online business it is important to seek expert technical help from professionals that we can provide. The Etsy QuickBooks integration is done through a software and we can help your business with this process. Our dedicated experts will help to synch our software which is made for the integration. Connect with us for any issues and call QuickBooks Technical Support Toll-free number


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