ConnectWise QuickBooks Integration

With QuickBooks, a prominent software financial management solution, you can take control of your day-to-day business finance. QuickBooks is a small business accounting software that helps you manage your accounts with convenience and accuracy, saving you time so you can focus on developing your company. With QuickBooks integration to ConnectWise Manage, you can add a great value to your business.

You can export the financial information from ConnectWise Manage and update QuickBooks such as invoices, expenses, bills, accounting and estimates. Moreover, you can keep your book balanced and stay organized without losing your valuable time. There are numerous advantages of Connectwise QuickBooks Integration that you will come to know in this blog including a quick and easy process to accomplish this integration successfully.

System requirements of ConnectWise QuickBooks Integration

There are few system specifications that you should meet when you integrate your QuickBooks with ConnectWise.

Let’s check the requirements that you should have to get this integration done:

  • A good speed of Internet Access is a must. 
  • You should be able to use the accounting software.
  • The ConnectWise application requires user ID credentials in order to give you access to the accounting features you need.
  • You’ll need credentials to access the REST API in order to set up the ConnectWise Manage software.

Advantages of Integrating ConnectWise with QuickBooks 

There are multiple benefits of ConnectWise QuickBooks Integration. The below are listed down:

  • Payment: With your ConnectWise Manage account, you can easily pay your invoices within QuickBooks.
  • Support multiple currencies: With ConnectWise QuickBooks integration, you can effortlessly manage several currencies if you work with them.
  • Validation of the transaction: During the batch, all transactions are checked to ensure that the data entering QuickBooks is correct.
  • Automation creation: For any data that did not exist previously, the QB and ConnectWise interface can generate a list of new customers and vendors. This can all be done automatically, with no need for you to do anything.
  • Synchronize the payments: It lets you import payment information from QuickBooks into ConnectWise Manage, allowing you to see the most up-to-date balance for each customer.
  • Single Record Batches: Each transaction is independently batched and delivered to QB as a single record batch. It simplifies the process of un-batching transactions as needed.
  • Multiple QuickBooks Accounts: If you have a large number of clients to manage QB for, ConnectWise QuickBooks integration allows you to manage all of these accounts in one place. You can even use ConnectWise locations to speed up the process. 
  • Sync entire transactions: When you connect QuickBooks to ConnectWise, you can use visually appealing graphs to obtain visibility into your company’s data. This allows you to go over the transactions in your batches more thoroughly.
  • Combined support: You can communicate with your consultant immediately via an online form that will automatically attach to your log data for review.

ConnectWise Manage Configuration 

Make sure Manage is configured to grant the site access to the accounting system and REST API before you start using Mobius Connect.

1. Configuration to Manage Login to access QuickBooks

  • When you set up Mobius Connect, you’ll need to give login credentials for a Manage member, which the site will use to access Manage’s accounting system. This member might be the login of the user who will run Mobius Connect or a new member created specifically for Mobius Connect.
  • A security role that provides access to the GL Interface must be assigned to the Member in order for them to work with accounting data. The “Role ID” field must be set to “Finance,” “Executive or “Admin in a default installation.
  • A security role that provides access to the GL Interface must be assigned to the Member in order for them to work with accounting data. The “Role ID” field must be set to “Finance,” “Executive or “Admin in a default installation.
  • If you want to establish your own role instead of using the Manage defaults, make sure the security role levels setting on the ”Accounting Interface” line within the Finance Module is set to “All” for ”Add Level,” ”Edit Level,” ”Delete Level,” and ”Inquire Level.”
  • Additionally, make sure that the security role levels setting for “Inquire Level” on the “API Reports” line within the System Module is set to “All”.

2. Configuration of Manage to access the ConnectWise REST API

Mobius Connect requires credentials to access the REST API in addition to the Manage Accounting System. There are two choices for giving credentials to use the REST API namely APIKey and MemberImpersonation.

Option 1: APIKey Authentication 

Navigate to the “API Keys” tab on the member setup for Accounting System access in Manage to set up APIKey Authentication. To create a Public/Private key-pair, enter a description and click Save. You should save the Private Key somewhere since once you close the API Keys tab; it will no longer be visible.

Option 2: MemberImpersonation Authentication

Open the Integrator Login setup table by going to System > Setup Tables and looking for “Integrator Login” in Manage to set up MemberImpersonation Authentication. To create a new Integrator Login, click the button. Provide a Username and Password, and then click to enable the “Member API” by selecting “All records” as the Access Level.

3. Configuration of GL Accounts 

In order for Manage to give the integration application with the relevant information, your company’s GL Accounts must be properly configured. The exact details of this setting are outside the scope of this document because this process is mostly specific to your Company.

4. Configuration of Accounting Package

After you’ve set up your accounts, you’ll need to set up the Accounting Package, which explains how to manage your transactions and export them to your QuickBooks accounts:

  • First, navigate to your system and then Setup Tables 
  • From the Category drop-down list, select the General Ledger on the Setup Table List screen 
  • Next, click on the “Search” tab 
  • After that, select the “Accounting Package” within the Table field
  • Now, change the “Accounting Package Setup” dropdown to “Other” 
  • Confirm that “Sales Tax option” must be checked within “Sales Tax Options” box 
  • If you want to export expenses as bills then make sure that “Expense: Transfer as Bill?” is checked
  • Otherwise, expenses will export as Expenses in QuickBooks
  • Along with that, you must confirm that the “Inventory SOH Option” checkbox must be checked 
  • choose the maximum number of segments an account in your company will have under the “Accounting Segments”
  • And then  add an additional segment if you want to use Classes
  • Make sure each segment has an “Account” type and add one section of type “Class” if you’ll be using Classes
  • At last, click the “Save” button. 


For many years, ConnectWise QuickBooks Integration has been a great setup. QuickBooks has proven to be reliable software for integrating their operations and generating profit reports. Furthermore, if you use ConnectWise, the integration between the two works smoothly. It also helps small business owners get more productive, gain insights on their business, attract new customers and do business in today’s global and changing economy.


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