How to Integrate NeonCRM with QuickBooks Online & Desktop?

Neon CRM is a non-profit CRM that has been specially built for growth. It is widely used by Non –Profit organisations to manage to fundraise, create a membership, manage events and website and ultimately grow their organisation. Neon CRM can be easily integrated with QuickBooks.

Transactions such as sales receipts, customer records, invoices, payments can be sent from Neon CRM to QuickBooks and thus the accounting of such non-profit organisations can be done with ease. In this article, we will see how Neon CRM can be integrated with QuickBooks.

About NeonCRM

Neon is a CRM, generated for non profit business. That develop our non profit business, inspire our audience and up your level impact.

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Prerequisites before beginning the QuickBooks Desktop – Neon CRM integration.

  • QuickBooks must be installed on a local hard drive PC.
  • The integration will not happen until the QuickBooks Desktop is installed on a remote PC.

Why Nonprofits business Love Neon CRM and QuickBooks Together

Neon CRM provides mapping and reunite options that fit your reality.

  • We Worked with the specialist at Quickbooks to make it easy to recognize the primary workflows that Non-profits need for a quality QuickBooks Integration. These processes include:
  • Starting gift processing with evolution to ensure stewardship of the gift.
  • Making a map file that defines the ways that evolution revenue aligns the company’s chart of accounts.
  • Recognizing you resolution rhythm – cloud network permit for a shift to real-time accounting.

Neon CRM’s integration with QuickBooks permits for mapping to service units and Classes as well as a choice between sales receipts or invoices,  along with many other details that your sponsor team will love.

It flexibly directs the reality of changing the Revenue Streams for nonprofits.

Non-profit businesses are resourceful – they always come up with new ways to raise money all the time! Still, we know that the finance sector is not interested in surprises or unforeseeable shifts in processes.

That’s the reason Neon CRM’s toolkit is designed to give the growth team the most amount of power for engaging donors in unique ideas, but then authorize a controlled and assured process to be implemented when these new moves, occasions, subscribers and other types of revenue get rolled out.

With Neon CRM’s integration to Quickbooks, your Company will be able to:

  • Profit types of tender of transaction process by dates.
  • Guide customizable mission attribution fields to reliable money fields.
  • Guide both virtual and actual occasions to legitimate arrangement to keep away from disarray with donations.
  • Guide variant in both subscribers terms and levels to the actual finance epithet.
  • Discount mapping, shipping, and address taxes, for both Quickbooks  desktop and online.

Supported triggers and actions & About NeonCRM


New Account
Triggers when a new account is created
New Activity
Triggers when a new activity is created
New Donation
Triggers when a new donation is created.
New Account
Triggered when you add a new account.
New Bill
Triggers when a new bill is added.
New Customer
Triggered when you add a new customer.
New Estimate
Triggered when you add a new estimate.
New Expense
Triggers when a new expense is added.
New Invoice
Triggered when you add a new invoice.
New Invoice
Triggered when you add a new invoice (with line item support).
New Sales Receipt
Triggered when a new sales receipt is added (with line item support).
New Payment
Triggered when a payment is received (with line item support).
New Purchase Order
Triggers when a new purchase order is added.
New Sales Receipt
Triggered when a new sales receipt is added
Updated Customer
Triggered when an existing customer is updated.
New Vendor
Triggered when a new vendor is added.


Create Individual Account
Creates a new individual account.
Create Activity
Add an activity to an account.
Create Donation
Creates a new donation.
Create Organization Account
Creates a new organization account.
Update Individual Account
Updates an individual account.
Update Organization Account
Updates an organization account.
Link Individual Account to Organization Account
Links an individual account to an organization account.
Find Account
Finds an existing account.
Create Bill (Item Based)
Create a new bill, optionally tied to a customer.
Create Bill (Account Based)
Create a new bill, optionally tied to a customer (with line item support).
Create Bill (Item Based)
Create a new bill, optionally tied to a customer (with line item support).
Create Credit Memo
Creates a new credit memo.
Create Customer
Adds a new customer.
Create Estimate
Create a new estimate (with line item support).
Create Expense
Creates a new expense using check, cash, or credit card.
Create Product/Service
Creates a new product or service.
Create Journal Entry
Creates a new journal entry.
Create Invoice
Adds a new invoice (with line item support).
Create Sales Receipt
Adds a new sales receipt (with line item support).
Create Payment
Creates a new payment, optionally linked to an invoice.
Create Purchase Order
Creates a new purchase order.
Create Refund Receipt
Creates a new refund receipt.
Send Invoice
Send an existing invoice.
Send Sales Receipt
Send an existing sales receipt.
Create Time Activity
Creates a new single time activity.
Update Customer
Updates an existing customer.
Update Invoice
Updates an existing invoice (with line item support).
Create Vendor
Adds a new vendor.
Find Account
Find an account by name.
Find Customer
Find a customer by name or email address.
Find Invoice
Find an invoice by number.
Find Product(s)
Find a product by name (with line item support)
Find Vendor
Find a vendor by name.
Find or Create Customer
Finds or creates a specific customer v2.
Find or Create Vendor
Finds or creates a specific vendor.

Steps to set up Neon CRM – QuickBooks Desktop Integration

This is a eight step process of integration of Quickbooks Desktop with Neon CRM, which are mentioned below:

Total Time: 10 minutes

  1. Step One

    First of all, enable the QuickBooks connection in Neon CRM.

    You can do this by performing the following steps.

    💠 Login to Neon CRM.
    💠 Go to Gear icon and select Global settings. Under that, select Third party integrations and under that select QuickBooks.
    💠 Turn the switch to ON and select QuickBooks Desktop.
    💠 Click on Continue.

  2. Step Two

    Download and install QuickBooks Web Connector.

    💠 Download the application and click on Install.
    💠 Create a Keyword. This keyword will authorize the web connector to connect to Neon CRM.
    💠 Click on save. This will apply the keyword.

  3. Step Three

    Download and install the configuration file related to the QuickBooks Web Connector.

    💠 The configuration file should be located on the same PC’s hard drive where the QuickBooks and QuickBooks Web Connector are stored.

  4. Step Four

    Add this QuickBooks configuration file as an application on QuickBooks Web Connector.

    💠 Open QuickBooks Web Connector.
    💠 Click on Add and application.
    💠 Browse and select the configuration file you recently installed and click on Open.
    💠 A new window saying Authorise New Web Service will open. Click on OK.
    💠 QuickBooks Application certificate window will open up. We recommend selecting Yes always allow access even if QuickBooks is nor running and click on continue.

  5. Step Five

    Configure the QuickBooks Web Connector.

    💠 Enter the same QuickBooks Keyword as we used earlier in the password column.
    💠 Enable the auto-run check box.
    💠 Select the frequency of sync as every minute.

  6. Step Six

    Leave this window open to finish with the configuration with Neon CRM.

  7. Step Seven

    Before beginning with the integration make sure that the services and items are properly classified and have a matching account in QuickBooks.

  8. Step Eight

    Open Neon CRM and click on Neon CRM to complete the QuickBooks settings.

Suggested Integrations

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Thus the aforesaid are the steps to integrate QuickBooks and Neon CRM. If you are facing any trouble in configuring the integration process or have any doubt relating to any of the aforesaid steps then kindly get in touch with our QuickBooks technical support team on Option.

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  1. How to set up and integrate NeonCRM with QuickBooks Online & Desktop?

    To set up the connection with QuickBooks with NeonCRM, the user has to make sure that all connections turn on. After you have to choose QuickBooks that you currently utilize. Once you are done with this program, then hit the click on the Connect button. It might take a little time to show you the confirmation message of integration between QuickBooks and NeonCRM.

  2. What benefits do I get after integrating NeonCRM with QuickBooks Online or Desktop?

    There are so many benefits you receive once you integrate your QuickBooks with NeonCRM such as the user doesn’t need to enter the data twice. This integration also permits you to sync transactions to be locked as well as for the accounting integrity function as well.

  3. Does QuickBooks & Desktop need any approval to integrate with NeonCRM?

    Yes, when you integrate your QuickBooks with NeonCRM then you need approval for further processing otherwise it will not work. The user has to make sure that your QuickBooks doesn’t run on a remote.

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