Teamwork QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks is a small business and efficient accounting application. Invoicing, billing, accounting, and estimates are just a few of the app integrations and capabilities. It will help you keep your books balanced and stay organized without losing your valuable time.

Teamwork includes all you need to track a project from beginning to end for the project management power user. Your team will not only become better collaborators, but they will also significantly enhance their everyday productivity, just with Teamwork QuickBooks Integrations and straightforward features.

Moreover, this integration allows users to seamlessly access QuickBooks data in Teamwork and vice versa, from anywhere in the world. This article gives you complete detail for Teamwork QuickBooks Integration.

Teamwork Highlights 

  • Can assign tasks and due dates using board views, task lists, and Gantt Charts 
  • Time tracking tools 
  • Can export invoices to QuickBooks 
  • Filters and dashboards can be used for reporting.   

Benefits of Integration of QuickBooks and Teamwork

Users may access QuickBooks data in Teams and vice versa from anywhere, anytime just with this integration. Together, the two platforms give small businesses the best of both worlds. The integration not only connects two important business applications, but it also makes it easier for small business owners to manage and administer their operations. Small businesses can use QuickBooks and Teamwork together to create a simple platform for your account management as well. 

New features add value and convenience for your business 

With new features, the developers have added a new and valuable SupportBee integration while also upgrading the current QuickBooks integration.

1. Mobile Timer 

When utilizing this software, users may now log time in a much more efficient manner. The new timer is available on every screen, allowing users to start it from any location within the program. This eliminates the need to keep an eye on the clock before returning to a specific screen to record the time.

The timer is displayed on a screen that is opened by just tapping on it. While the user is working, this can remain open. Simply tap the upload button at the end of the task, fill out all the relevant information and then click “Save”. 

The timer button in the Options menu on both the Project and Task screen is used to start the timer, making it very simple to get started with this new feature. On each Task screen, there is also a timer button in the time section. This time section also gives you access to data that shows you how much time you’ve already logged.

Quicker Set-up for QuickBooks 

The developers of Teamwork have reworked the integration between the two systems to ensure that it functions better with the most recent version of the QuickBooks accounting program. While this requires customers to redo their QuickBooks connection setup, the process is faster, and the improved connection also allows the Teamwork to make essential adjustments more easily and conveniently in the future.

The process of QuickBooks integration with Teamwork is very simple:

  • Initially, select the link for “Export Invoice” after selecting the concerned invoice from the “Billing” section 
  • Next, select “Export to QuickBooks” >>> “Export” 
  • Select the option “Connect to QuickBooks” in the open screen 
  • Now, you’ll be asked to sign-in QuickBooks using your login details 
  • After that, enter the details and sign-in by clicking on the “Authorize” to allow access to the Teamwork
  • With this, close the window and develop the list of customers
  • Choose the Customer that you want to export into the invoice 
  • Then click on the “Export” button and you will receive a confirmation once the invoice is generated. 

SupportBee has joined Teamwork 

The SupportBee software was created to help teams communicate and provide courteous service by managing support emails properly. This really useful program has been merged with Teamwork, and existing SupportBee customers will greatly benefit from this integration.

Other Teamwork users can take advantage of the SupportBee app’s features, such as task creation based on customer emails. This program will fill in the specifics of the task using the information provided in the email, whether you choose to create a new task list or update an existing one.

Enabling QuickBooks within Teamwork 

  • Within the Teamwork, you can integrate your site with QuickBooks to easily export your invoices. Here’s how:
  • Click on the Profile icon, at the top right corner of your site 
  • From the dropdown menu, select the Settings tab 
  • Now, select the Integration tab within the Settings area where you want to see a section for QuickBooks 
  • To enable this Integration, click “Connect” 
  • Once you enabled then you can see the step one is completed 
  • After that, you can proceed to step 2 and then click “Connect” to sign into your QuickBooks account and authorize the connection 
  • Enter the QuickBooks login details and select “Connect” in order to finish the integration setup 
  • Within the Integrations list, QuickBooks shows as enabled including additional options to disconnect and remove the connection. 

Final Words!

Overall, this integration enables an individual or a group to effectively organize work and manage milestones, projects, and tasks. It gives small and medium-sized organizations everything they need to collaborate effectively, track sales, automate company operations, manage contacts, and automate marketing.


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