Concert Harvest And QuickBooks Integration

This article will display the Guidance related to QuickBooks and Harvest integration before proceeding to the integration process.

For QuickBooks and Harvest Users, an integration between the two software programs helps in automating the workflows, ensuring a seamless business process, which is very helpful in small and new businesses. With integration, harvest invoices get directly synced with QuickBooks Online.

However, to do the integration of Harvest account and QuickBooks Online, users must have admin permissions. Let us know below the benefits of the integration and how to integrate Harvest and QuickBooks Online.


  • Harvest invoices and payments are linked to QuickBooks automatically, thereby saving your time in manual entering of data
  • It becomes easy to sync data anytime and anywhere by starting the time tracking
  • Users get a better picture on profits and losses as it provides real-time reports

Harvest QuickBooks Integration Methods

There is two different procedure to Quickbooks Integration with Harvest, Both are listed below pick the one which suits you better.

Method 1: Step-by-step manual integration by the user

Steps to link Harvest to QuickBooks Online

  • Go to Harvest
  • On the upper right corner, select Settings (remember, you must have the admin rights)
  • Go to Integrations
  • Select Connect to QuickBooks
  • Your QuickBooks Online page appears
  • Sign in using your QuickBooks Online user id and password
  • Click Authorize
  • Once done, Harvest account opens
  • Select an Income Account
  • Choose your Deposit Account
  • Select the relevant Sub-customers settings
  • Save the settings

Steps to Copy Invoices

Two options are available:

1. Automatic

Here, Harvest invoices of the clients will automatically be copied to your QuickBooks Online account, if the automatic option is chosen for integration. Here, all recurring invoices get copied automatically send to the clients as per the frequency set by the user.

2. Manually Copying Invoices

  • Go to Invoices
  • Click Overview
  • Choose the appropriate invoice
  • Go to More Actions
  • Select Copy to QuickBooks Online
  • Once this is done, you will get the message “Copied to QuickBooks” next to the title of the invoice.

Method 2: Taking professional tech support

If users find it difficult to integrate Harvest and QuickBooks, they can opt for third-party software to do the integration. This can be purchased online, can be installed on the device, and users are provided with an easy to use interface to do the integration. You can also take the help of professional tech support providers who can connect Harvest with QuickBooks Online and also provide all additional after-sales support.

We are happy to help you!

Contact us for your software integration with QuickBooks. We have a highly experienced professional team to help in your QuickBooks integration with Harvest. With 24 hours round the clock technical support services, we ensure a hassle-free Harvest QuickBooks integration. For any issues, call QuickBooks Technical Support Toll-free number


  1. What do you mean by Harvest?

    Harvest is used in both small and medium organizations in professional consulting and services to monitor project time and profits quickly. It helps in tracking the time of the employee. This application is user friendly.

  2. What are the core features of Harvest and QuickBooks integration?

    💠 It is simple to track the time of the employee by setting a timer from anywhere.
    💠 The manager can easily monitor the insights into the project and clearly analyze the company’s profit and loss.
    💠 Helps to analyze accurate budget reports  
    💠 Save time

  3. Can I get a free trial to use Harvest?

    Yes, there is a one-month free trial available. There is no requirement of attaching a credit card when using a free 20-day trial.


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