Import Qbw File to QuickBooks Online

Import Qbw File to QuickBooks Online
  • March 21, 2017

The Desktop edition of QuickBooks business accounts programming stores all your company account records in a company file on your PC. Moving this information to the QuickBooks Online assistance may appear to be an overwhelming possibility, especially if you have quite a while's worth of bookkeeping information to move.

Notwithstanding, you can import the QuickBooks company file that contains this information to the QuickBooks Online assistance using your PC's Internet browser. For the exchange to work effectively, QuickBooks says you should utilize the Microsoft Web Pioneer program with ActiveX controls empowered.

Yes, you can You have a qbw file to import into the QuickBooks online but there are some things that you can keep in mind that you can import it within the first 60 days of your QuickBooks online company start date. To import all the things you just need to follow some steps which are:

  • Firstly open the QuickBooks Desktop then click on the export company file to the QuickBooks online.
  • Then sign in to the QuickBooks online and agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Click submit
  • Now choose the online company for which you want to import your data.
  • At last, you will receive an email after it all has been done.

It's not all the things that you have done now after importing you just need to follow some more steps:

  • Once everything has been done then you have to sign in to the QuickBooks online account.
  • Check all the things to ensure that your data has been transferred correctly or not.

Identifying the need of the hour is important when you are striving to achieve the top position in the business world.

Now is the high time you realize that QuickBooks offers the most useful business software programs to help you achieve your goal. Starting from the maintenance of the records to the management of accounts, QuickBooks is an all-in-one solution. If you are forming a new company, which requires importing data from your old venture, you can try the concerned feature of importing qbw files to QuickBooks online.

Chart of Accounts Import

The management of accounts is always important no matter whether you’re in the budding stage of your business or a tycoon. Chart of Accounts is, therefore, an important item to be updated as and when any transaction takes place. The updated version, however, must be accessible as and when required.
In such a scenario, importing qbw file to QuickBooks online appears as a blessing. The steps to be followed to do so include:

Import qbw File to QuickBooks

When it comes to importing qbw files to QuickBooks online, it may include your Chart of Accounts, Customer List, and Supplier List among others. These are the most common items to be there as you begin operating in your new venture while maintaining the old business records and lists.

Import Data

  • Click the Gear icon
  • Choose Import Data

Select Accounts

  • Select Accounts from the list
  • On the Import Accounts page, click the Browse button

Find Excel file

  • Find and select the Excel file. Click Open
  • Click Next

Select Data Range

  • Select your date range
  • Click Next as soon as you map your data
  • On the next page, you will get the accounts to list ready to be imported

Adjust Your Data

  • Adjust your data
  • Click Import

Additional Methods to Import QBW Files to Quickbooks Online

Method 1: Fix your company file utilizing QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

In case, if you have information issues, utilize the QuickBooks File Doctor tool to fix your company file. To download QuickBooks file specialist utilizing QuickBooks Tool hub 

  • The QuickBooks Instrument Center assists you with settling all the normal errors that happen in your product. 
  • From the start, download the QuickBooks Device Center point file and Save the file someplace you can undoubtedly discover it. 
  • After that, open the QuickBooksToolHub.exe file
  • Follow the on-screen steps to install and consent to the terms and conditions. 
  • When the installation is completed, double tap on the Instrument Center symbol to open the apparatus center point. 
  • At the point when the instrument center opens, you need to pick the Company File Issues tab. 
  • Pick Run QuickBooks File Specialist choice. This may require as long as one moment for the file specialist to open. 

Method 2: Physically fix your company file by revamping your information 

In case you're agreeable to manually fixing your errors, you can discover the errors you can fix from the Confirm Results window. Before you begin, try to reinforce your company file. 

  • Go to the File menu. 
  • Then, at that point float over Utilities and select Check Information. 
  • Allow the device to check your file for information issues. 
  • From the Check Results screen, select Grow All to see the errors.

Export qbw File to QuickBooks

  • From the left menu of the software, select Accounting
  • Choose Charts of Accounts
  • In the upper right section, click Run Report
  • Customize the report in case a deleted or inactive account is required to be included. To achieve this, you can:
    1. Click Customize The customize report window appears
    2. There, click Filter
    3. Go to the Deleted drop-down
    4. Make it All
    5. Select Run Report
  • See the   icon on the right-hand side
  • This icon will take you to Excel. Remove the report title and remember to shift the cells up. This will let the headers be placed at the top of the spreadsheet.
  • Your file is exported. Save it
Note: If you miss including the critical fields while importing the data, QuickBooks takes the responsibility to instruct you to do the same through a prompt.

Troubleshooting Import Errors

While you import qbw file to QuickBooks online chart of accounts, you may encounter some common import errors. Some of these errors include:

  • If you see an error in the Email field, you must ensure you have entered only one email address in the space provided. QuickBooks, of course, allows entry of multiple email addresses for each vendor or customer but then only one is accepted while you import the same to QuickBooks online.
  • The same is the case with the Phone field. Take due care of keeping the most active contact number of your customer or vendor in the box. This is because only one phone number is allowed to be imported to QuickBooks Online. However, you can keep alternate contact numbers for reference but while importing keep only one active contact number.
  • While entering some items in the Products/Services list, you may come across errors on items that already exist in the company. Hence, it is recommended not to import those items. Only import the ones that do not cause redundancy.
  • There are times when you try to import data that is non-existent. When such errors occur, make sure the account you entered exists. In case, you feel the entered details are missing, include them manually. Try to import again.
  • If you’re trying to import subaccounts, you will surely get errors. To avoid this, you can change the subaccounts to main accounts before importing them. After the import, change them back.


Like every other feature or software that you use, the QuickBooks import feature also has some restrictions or limitations.

Here is a list of some factors to consider before you import Charts of Accounts online:

  • NO-UNDO option is there when you import
  • ADDITIVE nature makes it add accounts to the existing Chart of Accounts without deleting the standard ones that come as complimentary with QuickBooks Online
  • Make sure TYPE and DETAIL TYPE exactly match the types that are available in QuickBooks Online. Remember, the QBO types are case-sensitive.
  • New types CAN NOT be added as they are hard-coded for the system
  • LIMIT is 2MB or 1000 rows
  • NO COLON is allowed
  • Account number SHOULD NOT BE LEFT BLANK
  • DO NOT include a decimal point

Things you need to take care of while  Importing files to QuickBooks Online

  • First of all, you need to log login as the Administrator in both your  QuickBooks Online account and QuickBooks Desktop for Mac company file.
  • Note: You will be able to import the QuickBooks Desktop data only during the first 60 days of the QuickBooks Online company setup.
  • Whenever you will import the files, the QuickBooks Desktop file will overwrite the existing information and replace your whole QuickBooks Online file.
  • If you are using the payroll in QuickBooks online then you should not import your file as it can lead to the loss of data.
  • Always keep in mind that the inventories can be imported only from the QuickBooks windows.
  • The import process can sometimes take 24 hrs depending on the size of your file.

For importing your inventory

  • Firstly save the company file as a QuickBooks for Windows file,
  • Then open the Windows machine, and import by using the latest version of QuickBooks for Windows.

How to Import the QuickBooks Desktop for Mac file into QuickBooks Online

  • Open the QuickBooks for MAC software.
  • Then go to the File tab.
  • Next, select the export group and click on the QuickBooks Online option.
  • Then you need to sign in to your account and follow the steps that are displayed on the screen.


Once you are done with everything, sign in to your QuickBooks Online account. Don’t forget to check all the things to make sure everything has been imported correctly or not.

The above-mentioned tips and solutions will surely help you to import your Cash Accounts to QuickBooks Online correctly. The recommendations and determinants to be taken care of will prepare you before starting your import. For anything else, we are always there to help and guide you.

We provide the world's best technical support to our clients and customers. Whether you are facing any issues while installing the software or you have queries relating to the concept and understanding of any of our products, we are available 24*7 to assist you with anything and everything possible.

We can also help you import qbw file to QuickBooks Online. Feel free to talk to our expert representative for further queries. Call us at

Frequently Asked Questions

How would I import a QBW record into QuickBooks on the web?

QBW record legitimately in QuickBooks Online is inaccessible. The QBW is the record expansion for a reinforcement document design used by QuickBooks Desktop. You may need to utilize a preliminary variant of the QB Desktop and re-establish the reinforcement to open it and afterward send it out Online.
How would I import a QuickBooks document?
Here is how you can do it:
  •  Sign in to your organization document as the Admin
  • Ensure you are in Single User mode
  • From the QuickBooks File menu, select Utilities > Import > IIF Files
  • Find you. IIF document and feature it at that point select Open
  • Select OK on the spring-up message affirming your information has been imported to the given address.

Would I be able to import a QBB document into QuickBooks on the web?

QBB is a record augmentation for a reinforcement document design utilized by the QuickBooks work area. It is highly unlikely to legitimately import the QBB document to QuickBooks Online (QBO). You would then be able to import from the QB program itself (a QBW document) to QuickBooks Online (QBO).

What Document types can be brought into QuickBooks?

  • Exceed expectations 2003 – Present including Excel 365 (. xls
  • Comma-separated value records (.CSV)
  • Text records that are comma, channel, or tab-delimited (. txt)
  • Animate Files – banking information just (.qif)
  • Microsoft Money Files – banking information just (.ofx)
  • Access 2003 – Present including Access 365
  • ODBC consistent databases, for example, SQL

How would I spare a QBW record in QuickBooks?

Here are how you can change your bookkeeper's duplicate to a normal organization document:
  • Open your bookkeeper's duplicate (QBX or
  • Go to the File menu
  • Select Convert Accountant's Copy to Company File/QBW
  • Select OK to affirm you need to change over the document
  • Open the organizer you need to spare the
  • Once you're done with changing over, select OK

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