Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Information on Children

We restrict our services to adults aged 13 or more. We knowingly do not collect any information from children who are under the age of 13 as it is our policy. In case, there is any personal information collected by children under the age of 13 without any guardian or parent verification then we delete that information immediately from our database. 

In the case of taxpayers under the age of 18, the parents or guardians have to input the data on their behalf. All our registration or digital offers are restricted to the age of 13+ who are professionally in the business. Kids under the age of 13- Do not send any kind of personal information like email, name, address, or anything else.

What information do we collect?

SMBaccountants collect the information that you allow to collect. In other words, we collect the personal information with your permission only. The content and information we collect is required for the login or registration that you have to share with us like Name, Address, email, etc. Other information that we collect depends on the privacy policy that we set so check the privacy policy that applies to our services. We store your information temporarily when you register for any service specifically. The information stored is an email address until we get the information you provided through email. 

In some cases, the personal data that is collected by us will also include some special categories of data like diversity-related information (includes data about racial and ethnic origin, religious beliefs and other beliefs of a similar nature, data about sexual life and sexual orientation, political opinions, and trade union membership), or the health data and data about alleged or proven criminal offenses in each case where permitted by law.

Automatically Collected Information

Our service providers use some cookies and many other technologies that collect information automatically such as the email that we exchange or when you visit us online. To customize your experience, effectiveness, usability, and improve the performance of the SMBaccountant’s online presence. Also, measure the effectiveness of market activities by using automatically collected information.

IP addresses

When you access the internet then a number named IP address is assigned to your computer when you try to access the internet. This allows your computer to communicate with the server and vice-versa. The IP addresses are stored for the system diagnostic and IT security. It is used in the aggregate form to manage the website performance analysis and trend.


Cookies are placed on devices that are internet-enabled or on your computer at the time when you visit online. the cookies helps the site to remember your system or device that you use to connect with the website and many purposes. You get a notification banner on some of our websites that asks you to allow the cookies that help to manage consent to collect cookies. Here are the categories of cookies that are collected on our websites and also how your consent is impacting your experience  when you go to the websites:-

  • Necessary cookies- These are strict cookies that are important to enable users to use website features and move around. There are some secure areas for which cookies are important for users. The site will not function or be blocked if users don’t enable these cookies.
  • Performance cookies- These cookies are important to collect the data that increases the website’s performance. You can manage your consent with the help of cookie banners for performance cookies, by not accepting the cookies, or you can do it by updating your settings of the browser in the preferences menu or tools.
  • Functionality Cookies- It is used to remember the selections of customers and further change the looks and behavior of websites. You can opt out of these cookies that result in impacting the website experience. You have to repeat some of the selections every time you visit the website. You can also manage your consent with these cookies using the settings of the browser by going in the tools or preferences menu or by the cookie banner.
  • Targeting and advertising cookies- These cookies help in delivering the content in which you are interested. It limits the number of times a user sees the same material advertisement and also checks the effectiveness of that marketing material. If you won’t allow these cookies or provide consent to these targeting cookies then your device or computer is not going to be tracked for the marketing activities. Many browsers accept the cookies on their own so in that case you can choose to accept cookies or not via the cookie consent banner or from the browser's settings in the preference menu or tools option. If you want to abolish the cookie selection you have done then clear the browser’s cookies or update your preferences in the cookie bar.

You can also manage your consent with these cookies using the settings of the browser by going to the tools or preferences menu or by the cookie banner.

Cookies won’t tell you any information like your email address or identify you personally. We also include other identifiers like IP addresses in the report of analytics. The IP address is collected just to check the number of visitors on our website or the geographic origin of visitor trends.

Google Analytics

The communication is done between the Google Analytics JavaScript (ga.js) and Add-on that indicates the information about the website visit should not be sent to Google Analytics. The Google Analytics opt-out browser Add-on doesn’t stop information from being shared to the website itself or to any other web analytics services. 

Web Beacons

It is an image file on a web page that is used to collect information from your computer and the information we collect includes the type of browser, IP address, time of the content viewed, and the existence of cookies set by the same server previously. We only use web beacons as per laws. This helps in tracking the performance of third-party websites that provide us with visitor statistics, marketing or recruiting services managing cookies, and more.

In our newsletters and other communications, we track recipient actions such as rates of email opened through embedded links from messages. This information is collected to track user interest and to increase the future user experience.  You have the option to reject the cookies for not contributing some unusable beacons. In this the web beacon records your anonymous visit from your IP address but information from cookies is not going to be recorded.

Location-based tools

SMBaccountant collects and uses the geographical location of your computer, mobile or any other device. The purpose of collecting the location data so that we provide you with information about services that we believe may be of interest to you. We also use it to improve our location-based product and services.

Where do we get this information?

When you use our website then we collect your information through you only. So, we get information from each individual who visits the website. The information we collect from you; we process it on our website regularly like changes in content, offer various opportunities, and serve the service in which you are interested. When you do a purchase or fill out a form with personal details then we collect your information like name, email, billing address, phone number, credit card details, etc when you connect with us to buy a service or support. The sensitive information is collected like purchase information and account information based on the services you get.

How do we use your information?

The expanse legitimate under the applicable law, we use your details or information to the:-

  1. Protect, provide, maintain, and improve any product, application, information, and services that you requested from our website
  2. We are managing relationships with you such as customer services and support activities
  3. By providing any services or information that is requested or any applications that you have ordered
  4. When managing and administrator the use of product, services, and applications that we provide you when you ask for it
  5. Go with any of our regulatory or legal obligations
  6. Compare the information with a third party to verify it and for accuracy
  7. Connect with you to see that you are interested in our customer research and want to take part in it like giving feedback after the use of a product, service, or application
  8. Send you any information that we think is important to you to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations
  9. Measure protect, improve, and monitor the content, services, applications, and website that provide an enhanced and personal user experience
  10. The third parties with whom you have a relationship; we deliver the joint content and services with those third parties such as social media providers
  11. Protect our legal rights or investigate, detect, prevent, or remediate crime, illegal or prohibited activities that include liaison with regulators and law enforcement agencies for these purposes
  12. Provide you location-based services like personalized content and advertising where we can collect geolocation data
  13. Deliver the targeted marketing, advertising that also includes the in-product messaging based on your use of our services and applications. Also, provides you the information that is useful to you.
  14. Undertake the testing of our website, systems, applications, and services that is to test and improve their provision, security, and performance. The cases in which we would pseudonymize the information used for many such purposes and ensure that it is displayed at the aggregate levels only that won’t be linked back to you or any living individual
  15. To monitor and carry out the statistical analysis and benchmarking that is provided in the circumstances that it is on an aggregated basis that will not be linked back to you or any other living individual except as permitted by law.

To the extent permitted by the applicable law, we do hold onto your information about you after the closure of your Sage account in case you decide not to continue or the application is declined. This information that we hold on to is used for as long as permitted for regulatory, legal fraud prevention, and the legitimate business purposes.

Our website applications (also including phone applications) and services contain technology that enables us to-

  1. Go along with our legal or regulatory obligations
  2. Collect all the information in statistical form about the environment and the operating system with that you can access our services and applications
  3. Gather the information related to technical or other issues that you are facing with our website, services, or applications
  4. Accumulate information about how users and you are using the functions of the features on our website, services, and applications
  5. Do check specific information from the devices or systems you are using for our websites, services, or applications against our records to make sure that the website, services, and applications are in use according to our end-user agreements and to troubleshoot any glitches.

You or any user can manage their privacy settings in your browser or our services and applications (where applicable)

In addition, the purposes that are described in section 3 also use the information that we accumulate to deliver targeted marketing (it includes in product messaging), advertising, or information to you that is useful based on the use of the website, services, or application or any other information that we have about you (so depending on the website, applications, or services, you may be able to get the features that are according to your requirements). The Sections 5 and 6 of this privacy policy notice, provide you with all the details on how you can do this.

The communication between you and me can be recorded which includes phone or email conversations. The information that we collect, we can be for the quality assurance, applications, and services that you ordered from us or ask about us, for recording details about our website, training purposes, and to meet our legal and regulatory obligations by us.

Mobile Data

We do collect information using the mobile applications that you or the users install on their mobile phone devices that are used to use or access our website, services, or applications. That you and users use to provide the services may be related to that mobile application (such as you have synchronized the information from the services or application with your mobile application.) These types of mobile applications may be ours or belong to a third party. When the mobile application belongs to any third party then you have to read the privacy policy of that third party as it will apply to your use of that third-party mobile application. We are not responsible for any of the third-party applications and their use of your personal information.

The mobile applications provide us the information that is related to the use of users of that application on mobile and the use of our applications and services accessed using the mobile application. We use the information to improve and provide you with the mobile application or our application of mobile. Example-the activity undertaken in the mobile application is logged.

You can also configure the privacy settings of the mobile applications on your device. However this may affect the performance of the mobile application and the way it interacts with our applications and services.

Data analytics and Benchmarking

We may use the information that is generated and stored while you are using our services for our legitimate business interests that help you enable us to provide you the best service and/or solutions and also the best experience. These purposes include are as follows:-

  1. Develop and provide the existing and new functionality and services that include benchmarking insights, cashflow forecasting services, statistical analysis, and receipt recognition
  2. For delivering advertising, marketing within product messaging, or information to you that is useful to you based on your or user experience of our services. Carry out research and development to improve our services, applications, and products
  3. We provide you with location-based services like content that is relevant according to your location where we collect geo-location data to provide you the relevant experience, and also the right object tpo process based on our legitimate interests
  4. Carry out the development and research that helps in improving our services, applications, and products. We provide you with location-based services relevant to your location where we collect geolocation data of yours to provide a relevant experience.

Links to Other Websites has links to other websites that also include the website run by SMBaccountants. It is not governed by privacy policy but by other policy statements that are different at some point. When you register on our website then navigate to any other website using our links then you are still logged in and agree to use your information according to the privacy policy of the SMBaccountants website. We say every user to first read the privacy policy before providing all their personal information to any website.

Live Chat

We provide you with a feature of Live Chat through which you can connect with the team easily and get all your queries and problems resolved. The information that we collect are name and the email address for creating the customer contact in our records that help our team to provide you assistance and handle problems whenever required. We use your suggestions and feedback that you provide in the chat. You agree to use your feedback, and ideas in any way to include it in future services, marketing, advertisements, products, or services.

Your California Privacy Rights

SMBaccountants is an accounting and financial platform that collects users' information under the act of Federal Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) and the California Financial Information Privacy Act (CFIPA). The act California Consumer Privacy Act Disclosure (CCPA Disclosure) tells SMBaccountants to collect, use, and disclose personal information subject to this (CCPA) act. The consumers and you are referred to as individuals in California for some reason other than transitory or temporary intent. The individuals who are domiciled in California but are outside of California because of some reasons that are other than a transitory or temporary purpose (California Residents), and we or we refer to SMBaccountants. California residents can view and monitor the personal information that is collected by the companies about them under the act of CCPA as they have rights to do so. Some information that we collect on the consumers that are related to the financial products and services that we offer to you. We also collect personal information of California residents in other contexts including some business accounting locations and website activity.

We're Not Affiliated with SAGE, QuickBooks

We offer products and services of financial accounting and bookkeeping that include Sage and QuickBooks as we are third-party service providers. We don’t rely on any affiliate company or brand. To allow access or deliver our offered products and services to you we collect your details or information. In addition, we collect the system information as it communicates with us like an IP address or browser. The information is collected automatically as we use automatic collection information tools. These tools are Web beacons to manage our websites, services, and cookies. We also use the user’s advice, chats, feedback, and other interactions on our sites that help us improve the visibility, content, and others.

Withdrawal of Consent by You

The visitors to digital offerings and related products and services decide that they want to sell and receive promotional information from the SourceMedia LLC d/b/a Arizent or not. You can expressly provide consent if you want to receive promotional information or advertising on the registration pages of visitors from SourceMedia LLC d/b/a Arizent and from our affiliate partners. If you agree acknowledge and consent to the collection, processing, transfer, or maintenance of information in and to the United States, other countries, and territories. The SourceMedia LLC d/b/a Arizent provides an adequate level of protection to protect the data transfer from the European Union. The other jurisdictions may have other laws for privacy from home and also provide different levels of protection for personal information. You agree to the terms of the privacy policy and you consent to the processing and transmission of your details or information in any jurisdiction. If you receive any email then the instruction for removing yourself from SourceMedia LLC d/b/a Arizent promotional list of emails and also the third-party sponsored mailings. 

With your consent, we ask you for some specific permissions to process more of your details or information, and we only process your personal information in this way if you allow us to do so. You can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting SMBaccountants at (email id)

A few examples of legitimate interests are:-

  1. To analyze, to conduct our marketing activities
  2. To prevent fraud or criminal activity and to safeguard the IT systems
  3. To meet our social and corporate responsibility obligations
  4. To exercise the fundamental rights in the EU under Articles 16 and 17 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights, which includes our freedom to conduct business and right to property
  5. To offer the information or/and services to individuals who visit our website or offer information about employment opportunities
  6. To customize the individual online experience and also improve the performance usability and effectiveness of SMBaccountants online presence.

If you are still receiving emails after opting out yourself then email us at

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