Convert AccPac Files to QuickBooks Files

  • November 14, 2016

How to Convert AccPac Files to QuickBooks Files

QuickBooks is a very popular software and is used in companies for business account management. The Sage AccPac is also the same type of software. The QuickBooks provides more advanced features than the AccPac.

If you are currently using AccPac and want to shift your accounting data to the new QuickBooks software then it can be a difficult process to make a new file having the same data. The conversion process is the best option if you want to shift or convert to QuickBooks from AccPac.

You can get online help to convert the business work file to the QuickBooks file. all types of AccPac files can be converted to QuickBooks files. It does not matter whether you are using QuickBooks Premier, Pro, Accountant, Enterprise, or QuickBooks Online.

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You will get the services to convert the following Data into QuickBooks file:

1. Lists

The data of the business accounts is stored in the lists. The lists contain all the data and information about the clients, items, products, vendors, jobs, and employees lists.

If you have all your business information in AccPac, you can directly convert all these lists into QuickBooks files. You do not have to make new lists of the items when you shift from AccPac to QuickBooks.

2. Transactions

Every business has lots of transactions and the accountants manage all the transaction data in the accounting software. If you are using the Sage AccPac and want to shift to QuickBooks then you can convert all transaction data in the QuickBooks file. You will not have any transaction data in this conversion process.

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You can convert all this core data of AccPac files into the QuickBooks file. Some data cannot be converted in the QuickBooks file like Budgets, Bank Reconciliation, Estimates, Sales, and Purchase Orders information. The lists and transactions are the most important factors and these will be easily converted into the new file of QuickBooks.

You can easily find online services to convert the current files into QuickBooks file. The process to convert is very simple. You just have to upload the backup copy of the AccPac file and they will convert it. You will get the link to download the QuickBooks file with the same data.

Need Professional Help?

You can use the file in any version of the QuickBooks. You can also use the converted files in the Mac or online QuickBooks. Our QuickBooks experts can help you with data migration services and we have our staff available to assist you 24X7 on

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