Error 1722 while installing Windows 2010

  • January 16, 2024

How to fix Error 1722 while installing Windows 2010?

When you are trying to install, or upgrade your Windows Operating system you are getting an error which is a Microsoft .net framework error.

Steps to resolve the error 1722, 1603, 1903, 1904

  1. At the bottom of your computer look for the Microsoft Windows key.
  2. You will have to type Windows update
  3. Check for updates is what you have to click.

One Of our customers said:

“I had to change out a hard drive on my main computer resulting in the OS changing to Win10.  On-screen instructions were to reinstall from my QuickBooks 2010 CD.  That resulted in an error # 1722. I was told my only course was to allow you to upgrade my software to QuickBooks 2016.

When I contacted my CPA I was informed that there were multiple solutions to save my data and program. QuickBooks 2010 Pro is more than sufficient to handle the small number of transactions we do per year and QuickBooks comes with a money back, for any reason guarantee.”

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