Transaction Pro Importer for QuickBooks

  • January 14, 2021

Importing Lists and Transactions easily into QuickBooks

Transaction Pro Importer helps in importing the transactions, lists, credit card, and bank statements from various file sources which include Quicken, Access, text, Excel, and ODBC databases. It comes up with various features and options.

Benefits & Features of Transaction Pro Importer for Quickbooks

1. Reduce The Manual Entry of Data & Save Your Precious Time

Transaction Pro Importer helps in importing the QuickBooks lists and transactions from the text file, for example, tab-delimited file or CSV, Excel, Microsoft Money, Quicken, Access, or any of the databases which is supported by ODBC.

With the conveniently configurable field-level mapping, you get flexibility and better control while importing the data. With Transaction Pro, you can edit the data before you send it to QuickBooks.

2. More Than One Option is Available for Import

If compared with what other import tools offer, Transaction Pro will undoubtedly be one of the best and strongest tools. The feature it offers includes auto assigning transaction numbers, a feature of a cross reference, being capability of creating the new list items on the fly, being able to import the custom fields, replace or skip transactions, options for e-commerce, and many more.

In addition, the mapping screen ensures that you use the simple formulas or default values to get the field values filled.

3. Ensures Stringent Pre-validation Before Import

Transaction Pro ensures that pre-validation is strong and stringent before the import is done. This helps eliminate all the errors related to data validation when the files are imported into QuickBooks.

4. Import Log

Transaction Log: It is capable of logging transactions to the output window, which can easily be saved to the file. With this, you can easily save the failed transactions to the file and enter or import them manually.

5. Wizard-Based Import Which is Easy

If you are looking forward to the easy and most convenient way of importing the lists of transactions into QuickBooks, then Transaction Pro Importer is the answer to all your problems. The wizard interface it uses brings forth the instructions step-by-step along with field-level mapping of the data. You can easily import the data from virtual sources such as the QuickBooks lists or transactions.

You can add new customers, items, classes, jobs, and vendors while importing the transactions. It supports Access, odbc database or comma, Excel, tab, and the text formats of pipe delimited. Make sure that existing data is edited by you before it is imported into the program grid of QuickBooks.

6. Flexible Mapping

Flexible mapping allows you to map with a column from the file that you imported or offer the default formula or value.

7. Settings of Item on Screen

In case while importing the transactions, you find out that the import file consists of an item that does not exist in QuickBooks, then Transaction Pro Importer can help you in creating the new item. In case the items exist already then QuickBooks Transaction Pro Importer will make use of the existing accounts and type on the item.

Transaction Pro makes use of the Intuit API which are latest to ensure that uploads are done in the fastest possible way. This helps in saving your time while making your job easy. The accuracy and speed it ensured are tremendous.

If you are willing to know more about Transaction Pro Importer, then get in touch with our SMB technical team on Chat now.

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