Convert and Migrate the Files of Timberline to QuickBooks

  • November 21, 2016

Timberline to QuickBooks Conversion

Timberline enterprise software is used in business management. QuickBooks is also a very popular accounting software that is used for account management in small businesses.

If you are currently using Timberline and want to use QuickBooks for your business, you will need the data of Timberline in your new accounting software. It will be very hard for you to create a new file of data and then manually add all data in the new file.

You will not be able to use the timberline data file in QuickBooks directly. So it is the best option is to do a QuickBooks conversion of the file to access the data in QuickBooks.

You can use the data of the timberline after the conversion of the file for QuickBooks. QuickBooks comes in many versions like premier, pro, online, and enterprise. So it is recommended that you choose the file to convert according to your version of QuickBooks.

If you want to convert the file, you should make a backup of the file. The backup is very important because you will be able to recover the data in case of any failure or error. After saving the backup of the data file, you can start the process of converting.

Convert the Timberline Files Using the Conversion Tool:

The conversion tool is the best option if you want to use the timberline files in QuickBooks. You will be able to choose the desired options very easily. You will get the option to locate the desired timberline file in the converter.

Then you will be able to start the conversion process. You can choose the data of the lists and transactions, you want to convert. You can choose the current lists and transactions which are important to you. You can always reach us at our QuickBooks Support phone number for any help regarding conversion and migration.

You can choose the option to erase the damaged data and the lists that are not useful for you anymore. It is a good option to optimize the file. The optimization process will remove the damaged data and errors from the file.

It will help you to reduce the size of the file and better performance in the system. So you can choose to optimize the file in the system. Then the file will be converted into the system and you will get the link to download the file. You will be able to use the data migration file in QuickBooks.

Need Professional Help?

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