QuickBooks Unable to Deactivate Online Banking

  • January 2, 2024

Disconnecting Bank Accounts from QuickBooks Online Banking

In the scenarios – an earlier setup bank account for online banking is inactive with your financial institution or if you want to deactivate online services for some other reasons, you need to carry out a few steps.

Once editing is followed to turn off online access, the online services tab is still available to appear in the Chart of Accounts column. This error can be fixed by following the solutions recommended by Intuit.

How to fix QuickBooks Not Able to Deactivate Online Banking?

There are several solutions that Intuit recommends to the QuickBooks users. If the first solution fails to resolve your problem you need to jump to the other solution to resolve the issue.

1. First Solution:

Resort the Chart of Accounts and check for data damage

2. Second Solution:

Fuse the account into a new bank account

  • Create a backup.
  • Create a new bank account.
  • Input the same bank account number and routing number as for the original account.
  • Click No for setting up online services
  • Join the old account into the new account
    • Merge a bank account if there are no pending, unmatched transactions in the Online Banking Center for that account.
    • The process comprises all existing transactions in the old account into the new account.
    • If the online account cannot be merged, follow the directions for handling existing transactions.
    • Transactions in the old account will be unreconciled in the new account.
  • Continue to set up online banking.

3. Third Solution:

Export and Re-import your Chart of Accounts

  • Export your chart of accounts to your desktop.
  • Open the file in Microsoft Excel.
  • Find the damaged account.
  • Disable online banking columns
  • Click the Office button -> Save -> Yes on the question that follows.
  • Close Excel and click N for not saving the file.
  • Re-import the chart of accounts file to QuickBooks Desktop.

When engulfed in such a circumstance report the problem to QuickBooks customer care support. They are prompt and responsive in assisting with the rectification through different modes like phone support, email support, or live chat. They are easily approachable and assure complete resolution in the shortest wait time.

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