QuickBooks for Education Site License

QuickBooks for Education Site License
  • December 24, 2023

Quickbooks for education site license

Quickbooks is used as an education site for students as well as for trainers of QuickBooks. They have different courses for different versions of Quickbooks. There is altogether a different platform of QuickBooks for students to learn. This helps the students to hand over all the technical as well as knowledge base levels of QuickBooks.

For the trainers or teachers, the accountant edition of QuickBooks is used so that they can teach online or manually in a complete manner. The education site is very useful for new people who are eager to learn QuickBooks. This license gives the student the to search and learn all the QuickBooks matter in a trial software itself.

Quickbooks desktop is given to the students and the teachers or educators online Quickbooks and pro-connect software are given for education site license.

What is the QuickBooks Educational Program by Intuit?

The objective of the QuickBooks Educational Program by Intuit (IEP) is to endorse low-cost tools and resources to all students and educators which allows them to integrate QuickBooks into their curricular activities.

What are the features and benefits of an Education Site License?

Learning Pro Contact Tax Online or QuickBooks Online gives complete knowledge and advanced skills. Through this program

  • Your students can how to maintain a competitive edge with skills related to a specific industry.
  • Get real-time experience with fully engaged classroom lessons.
  • Proper check on how accounting principles are all brought on one platform.

Complimentary software for all students

We have two learning platforms – tax course and entire accounting, we also have modules within the class. The students will have complete access to the software for free. All they have to do is to register for the Intuit Education program.

Access to educators and students on all complementary resources

Now, students can easily save time and prepare for classes with classroom exercises and lecture presentations.

What facilities are available through the QuickBooks Educational program?

1. Student Workbook:

The Learning Guide by Intuit introduces QuickBooks to students. The guide comprises 15 lessons that illustrate step-by-step instructions to make your software easy to learn and use.

2. Instructor's Resource Guide:

QuickBooks has 15 lessons in the classroom all with step-by-step illustrations of instructions. It combines instructor lectures for students. All the lesson includes a list of objectives for the students, handouts, other study materials, and preparation material.

Here is a guidebook for you.

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