Features of QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2018

Features of QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2018
  • December 24, 2023

What's New in The QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2018

QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2018 is a performance-enhancing software for the business. You can track your business profit and loss, income and expenses, and the highest business-making customers for you in a simplified form. The software provides a high level of accuracy and reliability of data through reporting and analysis.

QuickBooks Desktop Premier has come up with a new feature set in the updated version of 2018. The software has become more advanced and technology-driven with the emerging business intelligence.

Features Of QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2018

Let us check out the new features in the 2018 version of QuickBooks Desktop Premier:

  • QuickBooks Desktop Premier in the new update allows you to access the business performance area based on cash and accrual in just one click. You can also compare both the basis of performance and yield fruitful results for the organization.
  • The software with its 2018 version also allows you to deliver your payroll taxes automatically in time. The edition also inculcates payroll liability reminders on the main home page of the software. This helps you to keep up with all the pending taxes to be paid and delivered.
  • The Chart of accounts holds a lot of importance in the company file and the software. There are an enormous number of accounts with journals and ledgers in the chart forming a huge information page for the business. In the new update, the chart of accounts has been given an advanced search option which helps to get the data instantly without scrolling and wasting a pile of time.
  • The multiplicity of screens takes a lot of pressure off in terms of turnaround time management. With multiple desktop support in the latest update, the overall turnaround time is dramatically low and also there is more accuracy of data. While we toggle the screens to enter data there are many chances of improper data entry which can be prevented with this update.
  • Inventory control and management play one of the most important roles in the business industry. The new system allows its users to manage inventory through a customized and flexible reporting style. You can create reports according to your requirements and further catch all the insights of the business. Reporting plays an important role in the management of inventory and making vital business decisions.

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QuickBooks Desktop Premier has been a very important product of the QuickBooks family. It has been upgrading itself from the 2015 version to the 2024 version with unlimited features and interface changes and now has grown to a fully-fledged automated system.

However, there are times when the software showcases errors that cannot be easily dealt with. You can contact our QuickBooks Desktop premier customer support team on Chat now and get assisted with the best of our QuickBooks Professionals. They are experienced and are available 24/7 to address your concerns.


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