Print Blank Checks in QuickBooks Desktop

  • December 6, 2023

How to Print Blank Checks with QuickBooks Desktop

  1. Step One:
    1. Get the blank, check-printing paper added to the printer.
    2. Then decide how you want to place the paper, either face down or face up, so that the printing of the check is done correctly.
    3. Do not forget to check the toner and ink level, to make sure that the printer has enough ink to take out the print of your check.
  2. Step Second:
    1. Open the QuickBooks.
    2. Tap on File then on Print Forms and after that on Checks.
    3. A window will pop up that will allow you to choose the check, for which you are willing to take out the print.
  3. Step Third:
    1. Select the bank account, from which the money will be taken and also the checks which are going to get printed. Checks are listed by QuickBooks as per the information entered by you in it, for example, employee payroll and bills due.
  4. Step Fourth:
    1. Make sure that the check number is entered in the box of the First Check Number.
    2. After that click on OK.
  5. Step Fifth:
    1. Now in the next window select your printer, in case multiple printers are connected to your computer.
    2. The default computer will be selected already.
  6. Step Six:
    1. Select the style of the check, the choices you get are Voucher, Wallet, or Standard.
  7. Step Seven:
    1. Click on Print, so that the check is sent to the printer from QuickBooks.

Printing Check Numbers in QuickBooks Desktop

  • With QuickBooks, you can easily take the print of check numbers, which will help in better tracking and usage of the check register to see the transactions list along with the check numbers for the account.
  • While taking the print of checks, make sure that the starting number of the check is set up. In case the printing of checks was done by you in the past then the upcoming check number in the series will be possibly filled for you.
  • In case you are willing just to see the check numbers list, then get the registered history printed and have a look at the check numbers that were entered in your account.

Printing the Check Numbers

  • Tap on Edit and then click on Use Register
  • Then choose the account that contains the check register, you are willing to get the print from the Register window
  • Click on the icon for Print
  • Select the range of the date for the checks you are willing to take the print off. Tick mark the checkbox that says Print Split Detail if you want that information to appear on any of the splits that were added to the register
  • Now, click on OK and then on Print

Issues Faced by the Users

  • Is it possible to change the number of cheques which is already been issued to the supplier who is a part of the system?
  • The user is unable to assign the check numbers. Say a user sets up a new company and when he/she tries to write the check, a pop-up appears that says, print later and does not let the user manually enter the check number. Now, a user wants to know how this could be changed.
Need Professional Help?

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