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Pay Your Employees Easily With QuickBooks Payroll Support Number

When your business is growing and the number of employees increasing, it becomes more and more difficult to pay them. Paying a good number of employees requires lots of calculations of taxes, tax penalties, etc. All these calculations can be done easily and quickly using QuickBooks Payroll. Intuit Payroll services can be of great help to you in paying your employees and filing taxes.

What Is QuickBooks Payroll?

  • Calculation of payroll taxes automatically
  • Filing and paying taxes electronically
  • Instant creation of unlimited paychecks
  • Avoiding tax penalties

The software calculates the wages of your employees and calculates taxes every week or any agreed-upon schedule. It does everything related to managing your employees.

Types of QuickBooks Payroll

There are three types of Payroll services. Basic and Enhanced services are the two that are appropriate for those entrepreneurs who want to do the payroll themselves. Intuit always helps users with its award-winning QuickBooks proadvisor service. On the other hand, Payroll Full services are for those who want the payroll done for them. The services include:

  • Basic – It runs payroll instantly and calculates all taxes.
  • Enhanced – This is the most widely used service. It included every service provided in Basic and added to those; it makes everything easier for you by filling tax forms automatically and filing and paying taxes electronically.
  • Full Service – With this service, you can rest assured of leaving everything on the software. Based on an agreed-upon schedule the setting up, running, and filing of payroll is done automatically.

QuickBooks Payroll Software System Requirements

You must know about the system requirements for installing and using QuickBooks Payroll. The operating systems that are compatible with QuickBooks Payroll are:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 and 2008 R2

All these operating systems are supported provided they are natively installed. And as far as the database servers are concerned, Windows and Linux are compatible with them.

Common Intuit Payroll Errors Faced By Users

It is often the case that users face errors while calculating with the help of QuickBooks Payroll for Mac. There are plenty of things to be kept in mind and taken into account, such as hours, wages, taxes, withholding, and health care benefits while doing the calculations. All these make the calculations complicated. These results in erroneous calculations. When calculations have errors, deadlines are missed resulting in penalties. But these errors can be resolved with the help of QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Support service By phone which helps you access the team of product experts easily.


QuickBooks is primarily an accounting software that also provides for end-to-end business management. But the integration of Payroll services along with that helps you in tracking everything in one place. You can enjoy all the business management and accounting services along with paying your employees easily and quickly. When paying your employees and the process of employee management are very important aspects of your business, your business can be fully managed only if you integrate Payroll services with QuickBooks Enterprise.

Move To Cloud

You can move your QuickBooks Payroll from your desktop to the cloud. This can connect to more than 100 cloud-based apps and provide access for up to as many as five users. Moving to the cloud will provide you with many more benefits compared to using it on your desktop. You can access it anywhere, anytime, and from any device.
So, you can easily pay your employees and take care of all the aspects of employee management by using QuickBooks Payroll services.

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