QuickBooks Amazon Integration

QuickBooks Amazon Integration

Intuit has introduced a QuickBooks Amazon Integration that assists small businesses in automating transaction categorization and reconciliation.  This integration simplifies the complicated work of managing online orders, inventories, refunds, and more. Through automation, this integration increases profits, reduces costs, and saves time.

The most amazing feature is that it enables automatic syncing, which eliminates the need for time-consuming manual data entering and other analyzing procedures. This article is rounded up with all highlighting points and factors related to QuickBooks Amazon Integration. 

What is Amazon?

Amazon Business is a marketplace on Amazon for buyers and sellers. All types and sizes of businesses can free sign up for Amazon Business for saving time and money on commercial purchases. By reaching out to all types and sizes of businesses, traders can increase Sales on Amazon Business.

Amazon Inc. is a Multinational Technology Company that specializes in E-commerce, Cloud Computing, Digital Streaming, and Artificial Intelligence. Amazon company based in the United States. This is one of the big five companies in the United States' information technology industry. Amazon has been referred to be "the world's most valuable brand" and "one of the world's most influential economic and cultural forces."

What is QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is the most popular software for accounting and managing expenses or keeping track of daily health. In this, you can prepare invoices for customers, and pay bills, reports, and taxes. Multiple solutions are available to support a variety of business requirements, including in QuickBooks Product List: QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Payroll, QuickBooks Time, or QuickBooks Checking.

Why should you integrate Amazon with QuickBooks? 

The below-listed points describe the importance of QuickBooks Amazon integration:

1. Unique Automatic Reconciliation Algorithm 

Imports, whether summary or itemized, can be 100 percent accurate. For example, when you import 200 or 200,000 transactions per month, all Entriwise imports will be reconciled to the cent.

2. Inventory Tracking & Amazon SKU Profitability 

To use Amazon inventory monitoring in QuickBooks, you must first link Amazon SKUs to QuickBooks inventory products. You may also examine how profitable Amazon SKUs are in terms of net profit.

3. Record your Order 

  • Each order's journal entries and transaction details, such as the customer, shipping, and billing addresses, discounts, promo codes, sales tax, shipping method, payment method, and so on, are kept separately or summarized by day, week, month, or settlement period.
  • With every Amazon sale, QuickBooks will automatically update your inventory and create missing products.
  • Receipts and invoices for sales are made.
  • QuickBooks class tracking, group items, assemblies, bundle items, and all QuickBooks currencies are supported.

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4. Completely Itemized Import From Amazon to QuickBooks 

You'll be useful for auto-configuration for all forms of Amazon FBA and seller-fulfilled transactions, as well as fees. Refunds, order fees; FBA disposal, inbound, outbound, reimbursements, and modifications, among other things

5. Sync Inventory 

  • When you add stock to QuickBooks, you may sync goods with variants and automatically update inventory levels with every sale and return.
  • Tracks various inventory sites and integrates with QuickBooks Enterprise's Advanced Inventory module.
  • QuickBooks pro/premier inventory forecasting.

6. Amazon Refunds 

Import each refund's returned Amazon orders as an accounting document.

7. Integrate all Amazon stores and capabilities

  • Amazon UK/EU/Canada/Mexico
  • FBA, Amazon Seller Central, Amazon Vendor/Prime, Amazon.com. 

How Does Amazon work with QuickBooks?

To know the working, simply follow the below procedures:

  • First, visit the Enterprise platform to integrate QuickBooks Amazon integration 
  • Next, find an option for accounting integration and then click “Try it Free”
  • Now, get into the Entriwise platform using your Amazon or QuickBooks credentials 
  • Enter your Amazon MWS credentials, and identify the QuickBooks version that you used (QuickBooks Online or Desktop) 
  • Once done then choose the plan as per your requirements and choice such as Basic, Pro, Elite
  • After that, what kind of management do you require like automatic or manual, other transactions, and according it charges the fees 
  • Once the signup process is successfully complete then you can begin the importing of your Amazon transactions. 

Important pointers need to be kept in mind about QuickBooks Amazon Integration

  • You must log in to the Amazon account that you use to purchase products in order to view the Amazon order information. You won't be able to match the transaction if you aren't logged in to your account.
  • If you have two Amazon payment methods, you will only see the things purchased with one that is linked to QuickBooks Self-Employed.
  • Your account will not show items purchased using a promotional credit or gift card.
  • After saving the split transaction, even if you opt to disable the Amazon integration, your work stays the same.
  • There will be no new transactions created. The Amazon orders are matched to the existing transactions imported from the payment card or bank, and the information or orders are added to them.

Key Benefits

When it comes to accessing details in one location, integration makes your task simple and convenient. If you wish to connect the two platforms, you should be aware of the advantages of QuickBooks Amazon Integration.

1. Manage Inventory: 

QuickBooks is the ideal inventory management tool whether you're drop shipping or selling your products. You may construct a master inventory list and sync your products across Amazon's warehouse and sales channels using this method. If you want to know when to restock your inventory, QuickBooks will send you an automatic notification when the stock level drops below a certain threshold.

2. Calculate Sales Taxes: 

Keeping track of your sales tax is crucial for self-employed individuals. The sales tax analysis in QB is really straightforward. It calculates HST, GST, QST, and PST sales taxes automatically. You can also add your own custom tax rate if necessary. You may also view real-time data in QB to see what you and the customer owe each other. The application will also remind you when the tax deadline is approaching.

3. Handles International Currencies: 

Amazon gives vendors the ability to sell their items all over the world. It assists business owners in reaching out to a large audience. As a result, it makes dealing with foreign currencies easier. On the other hand, accepting several currencies can make bookkeeping difficult. Accepting international payments and recording transactions in many currencies is simple with QuickBooks. You can also modify the currency in the reports to reflect changes in Canadian dollars. In addition, the QuickBooks program automatically accounts for the exchange rate. This allows you to keep real-time track of profits and expenses.

4. Automatic Transactions: 

QuickBooks can also assist you automate the process so you don't have to worry about the small stuff. The transaction is automatically recorded when you issue a refund or make a sale. This not only saves you a lot of time and work, but it's also really accurate.

5. Collaboration with Business Partners: 

It's not simple to run a company on your own. The majority of business owners engage a huge workforce to handle many tasks. You can give staff and accountants access to Amazon and QuickBooks integration so that they can work together effectively. 

6. Track store performance: 

QuickBooks makes it simple to create reports. This means you can keep a close eye on your cash flow and make well-informed business decisions. QuickBooks also generates a report that allows you to view data with just one click. You might opt to order extra merchandise once you've reached your target.

7. Cloud-Based Management: 

You don't have to worry about data with QB because it's cloud-based accounting software. Your data is completely secure when you use cloud-based administration. If the hardware is ever damaged, simply sign in to the other device and you'll have access to all of your crucial data in a matter of seconds. Because the data is saved on an Intuit remote server, you can view it from anywhere, anytime. 

Supported Triggers and Actions


New Order
Triggers when a new order is received.
New Account
Triggered when you add a new account.
New Bill
Triggers when a new bill is added.
New Customer
Triggered when you add a new customer.
New Estimate
Triggered when you add a new estimate.
New Expense
Triggers when a new expense is added.
New Invoice
Triggered when you add a new invoice.
New Invoice
Triggered when you add a new invoice (with line item support).
New Sales Receipt
Triggered when a new sales receipt is added (with line item support).
New Payment
Triggered when a payment is received (with line item support).
New Purchase Order
Triggers when a new purchase order is added.
New Sales Receipt
Triggered when a new sales receipt is added.
Updated Customer
Triggered when an existing customer is updated.
New Vendor
Triggered when a new vendor is added.


Create Bill (Item Based)
Create a new bill, optionally tied to a customer.
Create Bill (Account Based)
Create a new bill, optionally tied to a customer (with line item support).
Create Bill (Item Based)
Create a new bill, optionally tied to a customer (with line item support).
Create Credit Memo
Creates a new credit memo.
Create Customer
Adds a new customer.
Create Estimate
Create a new estimate (with line item support).
Create Expense
Creates a new expense using check, cash, or credit card.
Create Product/Service
Creates a new product or service.
Create Journal Entry
Creates a new journal entry.
Create Invoice
Adds a new invoice (with line item support).
Create Sales Receipt
Adds a new sales receipt (with line item support).
Create Payment
Creates a new payment, optionally linked to an invoice.
Create Purchase Order
Creates a new purchase order.
Create Refund Receipt
Creates a new refund receipt.
Send Invoice
Send an existing invoice.
Send Sales Receipt
Send an existing sales receipt.
Create Expense
Creates a new expense using a check, cash, or credit card.
Update Customer
Updates an existing customer.
Update Invoice
Updates an existing invoice (with line item support).
Create Vendor
Adds a new vendor.
Find Account
Find an account by name.
Find Customer
Find a customer by name or email address.
Find Invoice
Find an invoice by number.
Find Product(s)
Find a product by name (with line item support)
Find Vendor
Find a vendor by name.
Create Time Activity
Creates a new single-time activity.
Find or Create a Customer
Finds or creates a specific customer v2.

Steps to Enable QuickBooks Amazon Integration

With this QuickBooks Amazon integration feature, you can enable it immediately from your account. Simply go to QuickBooks Online's settings and enable QuickBooks Amazon Integration by moving to the Banking Apps section from the Banking section, and link your Amazon account with QuickBooks Online.

In case, if you face difficulty in finding the QuickBooks Amazon integration feature then follow the below-provided steps:

  • Go to the Gear icon and then click “QuickBooks Labs” 
  • Next, click on the “QuickBooks Amazon Integration” and toggle the switch from “Off” to “On” 
  • After that, move to the Banking section which is located on the left side menu 
  • And then go to the tab called “Banking Apps” 
  • Finally, you can link your Amazon account to QuickBooks Online. 

Key Benefits of Amazon Quickbooks Integration

Here are the prime benefits of Amazon Quickbooks Integration:

1. Workload Reduction:

While you are a QuickBooks Pro user, you might be spending hours each week manually transferring transaction records in your bookkeeping software. The new QuickBooks update streamlines the process by syncing with your Amazon account and automatically importing sales data several times per day. Amazon QuickBooks Integration saves your working hours you can put into growing your business customers base

2. Reduced Accounting Errors

It's simple to transpose numbers when manually entering sales data, which can affect your book accuracy. the basic information is taken directly from your Amazon account. Amazon QuickBooks Integration finishes the risk of typos. This not only makes keeping track of your financial data simple but also, gives you an unrivaled level of accuracy.

3. Product Data Compilation

When QuickBooks imports your data, it categorized the items sold and computes your net revenue automatically. This action recognizes your most profitable items and totals your costs, it provides you with a clear picture of your company's financial health. The Amazon QuickBooks Integration gives you details to prepare your plan for the future and increase your Amazon sales.

4. Maintain Foreign Currencies

The Important thing about Amazon is that people can sell their own products globally, which allows them to reach a Comprehensive market, QuickBooks also makes it simple to accept international payments, record transactions in multiple currencies, and adjust your reports to account for currency fluctuations.

5. Cooperation with Business Partners

On Amazon, not all sellers work alone, and Keeping the full team as a whole on the same page is essential. You can provide access to certain features to your accountant and employees to collaborate more successfully. Also, QuickBooks allows you to restrict access so that only anyone with the right permissions can view your books, and you can share reports without sharing login details.

Steps to Connect Amazon Business Account with QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks has a number of tools that can help you connect Amazon Business accounts to QuickBooks Online and keep your books up to date. One of the best QuickBooks Online and Amazon connection software is Amazon Business Purchase. It displays all of the essential Amazon Business purchase details in your QuickBooks account. All you have to do now is examine and approve the job.

To use the Amazon Business Purchases app, you must first set up your Amazon Business account and then review your Amazon Business purchases.

1. Step One: Connect your Account 

Make sure you're both the business admin and primary admin for your QuickBooks Company and the primary administrator for your Amazon Business account before integrating the two accounts.

To link your accounts, do the following:

  • With your Admin rights, log into your QuickBooks account 
  • Next, go to the “Amazon Business Purchases app” page 
  • And then click on the “Get App Now” tab 
  • You can log into the “Amazon Business account”, if asked 
  • Make sure that you log in as a primary administrator 
  • Choose the start date to import 
  • And finally, click on the “Finish” tab. 

After you've done that, the program will begin importing your Amazon Business purchases into QuickBooks. If you have a large amount of data to import, you might not be able to discover it all at once. It could be a long process. The app, on the other hand, will continue to import data until all of the information is displayed.

Following the completion of the import task, the app will check your Amazon Business account at least four times every day. The most recent transaction in QuickBooks is then displayed.

2. Step Two: Review Amazon Business Purchases.

You may effortlessly examine and add Amazon Business purchases to the books for the record as you locate them in your QuickBooks account.

  • Go to the Banking section and select the option “App Transactions”
  • Next, move to the “For Review” tab and the Amazon Business returns and purchases will display in the list along with the details such as purchase price, quantity, fee breakdowns, and product description
  • For each transaction, you can take an action that depends on the status:
    • Match or Add: This purchase is being made in order to add to your books. If your QuickBooks is linked to your credit card or bank account (with which you made your purchase), you can use this feature to match it to the precise transactions in your books.
    • Review: The credit card or bank account you use for purchases is not recognized by QuickBooks. You can check in QuickBooks to see if the account already exists. You can also add a new account to the Chart of Accounts as an alternative.

Summing Up!

With the seamless QuickBooks Amazon Integration, you can save time on manual data entry. It enables all business owners to categorize and comprehend their business spending without having to go back and forth between QuickBooks and Amazon to match up purchases. Along with this, gain deeper insights into where your expenses originate and how your business is performing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can QuickBooks Connect to Amazon?

Link your Amazon Business account to QuickBooks effortlessly using the Amazon Business Purchases app. This handy tool seamlessly integrates your Amazon Business transactions into QuickBooks, ensuring that every detail is accurately recorded. QuickBooks can then easily classify and associate these transactions with your bank or credit card statements. Your only task is to review and authorize the process.

What is Amazon QuickBooks?

QuickBooks Online, the accounting software that empowers businesses to manage their finances from anywhere, offers a seamless solution for tracking Amazon Business purchases with utmost ease.

Is Amazon a Vendor in QuickBooks?

This assists in maintaining well-organized, precise, and compliant financial records. This ensures that business owners not only have a transparent daily overview of their operations but also during pivotal occasions like tax season and when they must showcase their business's financial stability to financial institutions and lenders. Notably, Amazon is among the frequently expensed vendors within QuickBooks.

Is QuickBooks Online on AWS?

1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console.
2. Access the Amazon AppFlow console by visiting https://console.aws.amazon.com/appflow/.
3. On the left-hand navigation pane, select "Connections."
4. Within the "Manage connections" page, under the "Connectors" section, opt for "QuickBooks Online."

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