Mavenlink QuickBooks Integration

Mavenlink QuickBooks Integration

Does it sound exciting to you if you can sync your work assignments, accounting documents, project tasks, budget, invoices, expenditures, taxes, bills of all forms, etc all on one platform? We know what you are thinking- is it possible? Well, the answer is- yes! You can do all of the above-mentioned things and so much more by integrating Mavenlink with QuickBooks software. It is time to raise the bar of your efficiency. In this article, let us figure out how you can do that!

About Mavenlink

Mavenlink's venture-coordinated effort suite permits you to deal with your business connections, share documents, and track project movement online from any place on the planet. Inside a venture work area in Mavenlink, you can concur on spending plans and timetables, track time, send solicitations, get compensated using PayPal, and complete work.

Why you should integrate Mavenlink with QuickBooks?

There are several benefits of integrating your Mavenlink with QuickBooks. Some of them are:

  • Since there is better sharing of the data and the crucial business information between you and your employees, it gives your business great efficiency.
  • Your business is supported with a strong support system from Intuit
  • You can say bye to the backup worries, as Intuit does it for you by saving valuable data on its server.
  • Sending invoices, reports, and statements becomes automatic with integration.
  • Syncing applications becomes easier too.

What to do beforehand?

Before we set off to integrate Mavenlink with QuickBooks software, here is what you should keep in mind:

  • To integrate Mavenlink with QuickBooks Desktop, you would need to connect with the help of Intuit Web Connector.
  • As an added measure, we would suggest that before you establish a connection with Mavenlink, you should configure the Web Connector.

Benefits of integrating Mavenlink with QuickBooks

  • Deliver each task typically and beneficially
  • Track time on undertakings and screen progress
  • Accelerate cash assortment with incorporated invoicing
  • Know your group's accessibility and use
  • Respond to customers and log costs in a hurry

Functional Capabilities

  • Create Fixed Fee and Time and Materials projects from customer-accepted QuickBooks gauges.
  • Create QuickBooks solicitations for time and materials, expenses, and fixed charge things straightforwardly from Mavenlink with a similar point-by-point exactness you've generally expected from project financials.
  • Link project assignments and expectations to QuickBooks charging things.
  • Save worker and merchant followed time from your Mavenlink projects into QuickBooks. TELL PROJECT ACCOUNTING YOU MEAN BUSINESS
  • Manage and assign Mavenlink accounts to individuals and individuals you work together with as QuickBooks representatives or merchants.
  • Send Mavenlink costs to QuickBooks and utilize the cost classes from your record.
  • If you're a Mavenlink client and live in the U.S., UK, India, Australia, or Canada you can associate QuickBooks Desktop with Mavenlink.

How to Integrate Mavenlink with QuickBooks software?

It is now the time to jump into the technical steps that will help you integrate Mavenlink with QuickBooks software seamlessly.

So here we go:

  • Log into your QuickBooks account.
  • On the left-hand side navigation bar, click on the option that says-
  • From the drop-down list please choose
  • You will find that a new Settings page has opened on your computer screen.
  • Choose the option- Connect to QuickBooks.
  • Now you will be required to authorize the connection between Intuit and You can do so by submitting your login credentials:
    • Intuit Single Administration ID.
    • Intuit Password.
    • Please Note: At this stage after authorizing the connection you will be only connected to one company file.
  • You will now see that the Mavenlink and the Inuit systems have established a
  • Now it’s time to assign the Mavenlink data fields to the QuickBooks data fields. You can do by with the help of the Intuit Settings page in Mavenlink.
  • Now on the QuickBooks page please go to
  • Then you need to click on the option that says- Set Up.
  • Here on the Intuit Settings page, you will see the following four mapping fields categories:
    • Map Users.
    • Map Projects.
    • Map Expenses.
    • Map Account Settings.

After successfully setting up the mappings, you will notice that your Mavenlink account has completely synced with QuickBooks software.

Supported triggers and actions


New Message
Triggers when a new message is posted.
New Story
Triggered whenever there is a new story (tasks, deliverables, milestones).
New Account
Triggered when you add a new account.
New Bill
Triggers when a new bill is added.
New Customer
Triggered when you add a new customer.
New Estimate
Triggered when you add a new estimate.
New Expense
Triggers when a new expense is added.
New Invoice
Triggered when you add a new invoice.
New Invoice
Triggered when you add a new invoice (with line item support).
New Sales Receipt
Triggered when a new sales receipt is added (with line item support).
New Payment
Triggered when a payment is received (with line item support).
New Purchase Order
Triggers when a new purchase order is added.
New Sales Receipt
Triggered when a new sales receipt is added.
Updated Customer
Triggered when an existing customer is updated.
New Vendor
Triggered when a new vendor is added.


Create Project
Creates a new project.
Create Expense
Creates a new expense using a check, cash, or credit card.
Create Post
Create a post in a Mavenlink Project.
Create Bill (Item Based)
Create a new bill, optionally tied to a customer.
Create New Story
Create a Task/Deliverable/Milestone in a Mavenlink project.
Create Bill (Account Based)
Create a new bill, optionally tied to a customer (with line item support).
Create Bill (Item Based)
Create a new bill, optionally tied to a customer (with line item support).
Create Credit Memo
Creates a new credit memo.
Create Customer
Adds a new customer.
Create Estimate
Create a new estimate (with line item support).
Create Expense
Creates a new expense using check, cash, or credit card.
Create Product/Service
Creates a new product or service.
Create Journal Entry
Creates a new journal entry.
Create Invoice
Adds a new invoice (with line item support).
Create Sales Receipt
Adds a new sales receipt (with line item support).
Create Payment
Creates a new payment, optionally linked to an invoice.
Create Purchase Order
Creates a new purchase order.
Create Refund Receipt
Creates a new refund receipt.
Send Invoice
Send an existing invoice.
Send Sales Receipt
Send an existing sales receipt.
Find or Create a Customer
Finds or creates a specific customer v2.
Update Customer
Updates an existing customer.
Update Invoice
Updates an existing invoice (with line item support).
Create Vendor
Adds a new vendor.
Find Account
Find an account by name.
Find Customer
Find a customer by name or email address.
Find Invoice
Find an invoice by number.
Find Product(s)
Find a product by name (with line item support)
Find Vendor
Find a vendor by name.
Find or Create a Vendor
Finds or creates a specific vendor.

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