Authorize.Net QuickBooks Integration

Authorize.Net QuickBooks Integration: You need to know everything

Authorize.Net QuickBooks Integration

Users can easily integrate QuickBooks with Authorize.Net to support various payment types. Business owners who use both QuickBooks and Authorize.Net can seamlessly integrate both software for smoother transactions and management of financial accounting.

Authorize.Net is a United States-based trusted payment gateway that has existed since 1996 and is used by small and medium businesses. This cost-effective, user-friendly, payment gateway allows secure payment transactions and has many valuable features including synch for QuickBooks.

QuickBooks is an accounting software developed by Intuit and can be used through cloud-based versions by small and medium-sized businesses for managing payments, billing, and other payment-related functions. QuickBooks helps to keep track of accounting-related transactions and can be used by businesses for bookkeeping, report generation, sales and to analyze business financial growth details. & QuickBooks Integration Features

  1. Import transactions automatically
    1. Sync Authorize.Net  QuickBooks accounts automatically without any physical interference.
    2. Draft unlimited past figures from Authorzie.Net and sync them to Quickbooks.
    3. Record each Authorize.Net deal in your QuickBooks, making separate Invoices, and installment receipts alongside Sales, Refund, Shipping Value, Tax, and Discounts.
    4. PayTraQer permits you to review and sync elective installments to Quickbooks.
    5. Have unlimited oversight over your sync. You can move back the exchanges synchronized with QuickBooks whenever with PayTraQ.
    6. By ordinary, PayTraQer automatically records your 60-day installment information from Authorize.Net.
    7. Viable with different monetary forms with QuickBooks.
  2. Advanced Accounting
    1. Authorize.Net makes you capable of tracking limited sales deals and completing payments in QuickBooks.
    2. Item-based (partial) or complete returns from Authorize.Net can be recorded in Quickbooks.
    3. You can record and import amounts from Authorize.Net to QuickBooks automatically or choose sales physically from the PayTraQ Dashboard.
    4. You can select to make a product name By repaying for missing Authorize.Net product in QuickBooks.
    5. All the debit and credit Synchronized to QuickBooks can be verified in the information log within the PayTraQ dashboard.
    6. You can survey and match up any Authorize.Net installments with the adjustment of financial balance or item name whenever required.
  3. Zero Bookkeeping Errors
    1. Make your accounting brilliant by adjusting each exchange that you make on your Authorize.Net POS framework to be moved naturally to QuickBooks.
    2. PayTraQer distinguishes any copy exchanges that have been imported beforehand to make your accounting exact and error-free.
    3. The adaptable settings presented by PayTraQer give you unlimited oversight over your Authorize.Net information.
    4. Wipes out your hours to long stretches of manual information passage with zero accounting mistakes and 100% precision.
  4. QuickBooks Reconciliation Made Simple
    1. Utilizing PayTraQer computerization, every one of the exchanges can be overseen precisely, prompting an issue of free QuickBooks Reconciliation.
    2. The simple client Interface creates a complete choice to reconcile Authorize.Net deals in QuickBooks Without any physical expertise.
  5. Fully automated bookkeeping
    1. Amazing Sync Settings and Customization components to tune Sales information.
    2. Utilization of the scheduler to automate all the real-time Authorize.Net deals in QuickBooks.

Advantages of Integration of and QuickBooks

Integration between and QuickBooks is beneficial to users for improved methods of managing their online businesses.

  • net is the proven and popular payment gateway that offers secure and simple credit card transactions and is easy to integrate with QuickBooks.
  • It has a simple synch for QuickBooks feature that helps to save time and avoid errors in manual transactions through automation.
  • Integration of both software is easy and can be customized to suit specific business requirements.
  • Users can integrate and QuickBooks easily either online or on desktops by following the steps and guidelines.
  • Payment details can be viewed according to dates and saved, and reports can be generated or exported easily.
  • Both accounts can be easily integrated and will function smoothly together.

Through and QuickBooks integration users can view and access details about customers, receipts, invoices, payment records, store information, and schedule transactions. All information and transaction details are securely stored, and future payments can be managed smoothly.

Data Mapping Between Authorize.Net and QuickBooks

Data mapping between Authorize.Net and QuickBooks is as follows:

Authorize.Net Data QuickBooks
Customer ID (if present) Memo
Payment Method Payment Method
Invoice # (if present) Memo
Amount Amount
Transaction Date Time Stamp Date
(also listed as Document Number within the Write Errors menu)
Ref #
Purchase Order (if present) Memo
Customer Sync for QuickBooks Customer (default)

Requirements For QuickBooks Integration

Before starting the setup process we advise you to have an existing, active Intuit QuickBooks account, either QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop version. If you do have not any existing QuickBooks, then you need to go to Intuit's official website and create an account.

For QuickBooks Online Users

  • To log in to your QuickBooks Online account, you need to username and password. These credentials will be used to recognize the account with whom we will synchronize your transaction data.
  • Before using the sync for QuickBooks service you need to verify that QuickBooks is set up and configured with your real company name, services, payment types, and clients. The transaction data will be mapped to your account by using this information. While the data is not present then default information will be created during the account setup process.

For QuickBooks Desktop User

  • First of all, you need to set up and configure the QuickBooks version 2022 or the latest version with your real company name, payment types, customers, and services. The transaction data will be mapped to your account using this information. While information is not present then, default information will be generated during the account setup process.
  • Verify you are up to date on maintenance releases ( Help > update QuickBooks)
  • authorize sync manager (File > Sync > Launch Intuit Sync Manager)
  • Enter the Sync Manager username and password that you generated. The account to be used to synchronize the transaction data is identified by these credentials.

Supported triggers and actions


Authorize.Net - New Customer
Triggers when a new customer is created
New Subscription
Triggers when a new subscription is created
New Transaction
Triggers when a new transaction occurs. Optionally provide transaction type
Updated Customer
Triggers when an existing customer is updated. Also triggers when an existing subscription is updated.
Subscription Updated
Triggers when an existing subscription is updated
Subscription Cancelled
Triggers when an existing subscription is cancelled
New Bill
Triggers when a new Bill is created in Expenses
New Bill Payment
Triggers when a Payment is made for existing Bills
New Customer
Triggers when a customer is created
New Expense
Triggers when a new Expense is created
New Journal Entry
Triggers when a new Journal Entry is created
New Payment
Triggers when a payment is received
New Purchase Order
Triggers when a new Purchase Order is created
Estimate Updated
Triggers when an existing Estimate gets Updated
Invoice Updated
Triggers when an existing Invoice gets Updated
New Account
Triggers when you add a new Account
New Credit Memo
Triggers when you add a new Credit Memo
New Expense Line Item
Triggers when there is a new Expense, for each line item. If there is an Expense with 5 line items, the Bot will run 5 times, each time with details of one line item.
New Invoice
Triggers when you add a new Invoice
New Invoice Line Item
Triggers when there is a new Invoice, for each line item. If there is an invoice with 5 line items, the Bot will run 5 times, each time with details of one line item.
New Product or Service
Triggers when you add a new Product or Service
New Sales Receipt
Triggers when you add a new Sales Receipt
Subscription Cancelled
Triggers when an existing subscription is canceled
New Estimate
Triggers when an Estimate is added
Bill Due
Triggers when a Bill is nearing/past the Due date by a specified number of days.
Invoice Due
Triggers when an Invoice is nearing/past the Due date by a specified number of days.
New Vendor
Triggers when a Vendor is added


Add a Customer
Create a New Customer Profile
Search Customer
Search Customer by Email or Customer ID
Add a Bill
Add a bill to a vendor
Add a Cheque
Add a Cheque
Add or Update a Customer
Creates a customer, updates existing one based on the Display name
Add an Invoice
Creates an invoice for a customer
Add a Payment
Creates a Payment for a Customer
Add a Sales Receipt
Creates a sales invoice for a customer
Add a Vendor
Creates a new Vendor
Add a Credit Memo
Add a Credit Memo
Add an Estimate
Add an Estimate
Add an Expense (item based)
Add an expense
Add an Expense (account-based)
Add an expense (account line support)
Add a Product or Service
Creates a new Product/Service
Add a Journal Entry
Add a Journal Entry
Add Line Item To Invoice
add a new line item to an existing invoice
Add Line Item To Sales Receipt
Add a new Line Item to an existing Sales Receipt
Add Note
Add Note to a Resource
Add a Purchase Order
Add a Purchase Order
Add a Refund Receipt
Adds a Refund Receipt
Add Time Activity
Add Time Activity
Search Bill
Searches for Bill based on Name or ID.
Search for a Sales Receipt
Search Sales Receipts based on Number or ID
Search Vendor
Searches for a Vendor based on Name, Email, or ID
Search for a Product or Service
Searches for products/services based on name. Use this to dynamically add line items to Invoices/Bills/Expenses.
Search a Customer
Searches for a Customer based on Name Email or ID
Send Invoice
Send an invoice to a specified email
Send a Sales Receipt
Send a Sales Receipt to a specified email
Update Bill
Updates an existing Bill
Update an Estimate
Updates an existing Estimate using Estimate ID
Update an Invoice
Updates an existing Invoice using Invoice ID
Add or Update a Customer
Creates a customer, updates existing one based on the Display name
Search Invoice
Searches for an Invoice based on Invoice Number or ID
Search Account
Searches for an Account based on Account Number or Name (Chart of Accounts)

Steps to Integrate Authorize.Net with QuickBooks Process

Here are the mentioned steps to follow all these steps carefully to integrate Authorize.Net with QuickBooks:

  • Use your Login ID and Password to Sign In to the Authorize.Net Merchant Interface.
  • Now, you have to go navigation menu and choose Sync for QuickBooks.
  • Now, go to the main page choose Sync for QuickBooks, and then click on the start button.
  • Review all of the terms of service.
  • When you read all the terms and conditions, after that click the I agree box.
  • Click the OK button to continue.
  • Now, choose the Connect to QuickBooks button.
  • Enter your QuickBooks login details and click the Sign In button to approve the synchronization of data from Authorize.Net to your current Intuit account.
  • Choose the Complete Registration button as your page is reloaded.

Transfer Authorize.Net Sales to Quickbooks

Show Authorize.Net sales deals for QuickBooks naturally, without the need for even a single click after setup.

A snap of the button imports unlimited past deals from Authorize.Net. Monitor and oversight over your imports with the intuitive and customer-friendly dashboard.

Need Professional Help?

When you want to integrate and QuickBooks you may need technical expertise for its smooth operation to enhance your business. The integration can be managed easily through specific software which needs technical knowledge and proficiency which we can provide.

Our application can help streamline all accounting processes on QuickBooks and secure all transactions through the online payment gateway.

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