Setting Up Property Management in QuickBooks

  • January 10, 2024

Create A Property Management Company in QuickBooks

We can always use QuickBooks for managing the property for example if a Dealer wants all the detailed structure of his properties where tenants stay so regarding the rent or if someone is purchasing a property.

All the structured details about the management would be arranged by the QuickBooks setup and for property it also has different features that correlate with the columns of services a person would require to manage all the property-related accounts setup.

Setup QuickBooks for Rentals and Landlords

In rent-based customers for property in QuickBooks, it has a different application that keeps all the rented customer's data in a part of the hard drive where all the due dates or amounts payable and also different bill charges for water electricity etc are managed with a property-based QuickBooks setup.

Other types of dealers will keep track of all the property charges or bills and give the amount that is due directly to the owner in this case QuickBooks property management gives a different account space and applications.

In QuickBooks we can manage the property accounts with ease of access and complete minor details are also taken care of. Property management becomes easy to work with QuickBooks by getting the account details in a manner where the owner or broker and even the tenants can access it in a smooth process. Property management becomes sequential in terms of the detailed information on every parameter of property management.

Nobody can deny the fact that how difficult it is to run the business of property management. It is just not the need for the constant and efficient management of the properties, ensuring that the properties and not just well kept but are safe too, you also have to look after the account management side of the business. Tenants normally make the rent payment monthly, which leads to a huge amount coming in together. But the best part is that QuickBooks has the solution to all your problems related to property management.

QuickBooks ensures that your property management is not just fast but also smooth and painless. With QuickBooks, your transactions related to property management will become easy.

Let's have a look at how:

1. Step One: Adding up the New Customer

The first thing that you have to do is get the new customer added to the QuickBooks account. If it is not done yet, then open the QuickBooks software and then go to the tab named Customer Center. It will help you in managing, removing, or adding up the clients and customers.

QuickBooks product help can guide you on the details related to this step.

2. Step Two: Tenants Invoicing

After entering the name of the tenant in the QuickBooks account, a monthly invoice could be generated for them. Go to the Job menu and click on New Job, add the additional information as well, in case you are asked for it.

QuickBooks tech support helpdesk is ready to educate you, in case you are seeking some additional information on how to do the invoicing for the tenants.

3. Step Three: Receipts

Not just the monthly invoices creation, QuickBooks will also help you in getting the receipts for all the payments that are received to date. Go to the tab of Customers present at the QuickBooks account and then click on Payment Received, present in the menu of dropdown.

Our QuickBooks customer support team is ready to help you 24*7. Our QuickBooks helpline product team and QuickBooks application help are the sections created specifically to answer all the customer queries related to QuickBooks.

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