Import Product or Service List in QuickBooks

Import Product or Service List in QuickBooks
  • October 6, 2020

When it comes to transferring all the data from one platform to another, various procedures need to be followed. The same applies when you are shifting your products and services list to QuickBooks.

While conducting a business, there is a huge list of products and services that you sell. You cannot enter the data one by one into the software that you deployed lately. The products and services list, containing the list of items you sell, is required to refer to while you create customer invoices or deal with an inventory.

Thus, importing the products and services into QuickBooks plays an important part. However, before proceeding to the steps to import the list into QB, there are a few things to keep in consideration.

  • The import of the list once accomplished cannot be undone.
  • You can import not more than 1,000 rows at a time. If you have more rows, divide and import.
  • There is a preferred format for entering the details:
    • Product/Service Name – 100 character limit, avoiding special characters
    • Income and Expense account – Use of sub-accounts is restricted
    • Quantity as of Date – Either DD/MM/YYYY or MM/DD/YYYY 

Following the preferred file format will make the data imported to QuickBooks more organized, acceptable, and presentable.

How to Import Product or Service List in QuickBooks?

  • Step One: Go to QB Online >> Choose Settings>> Click Import Data
  • Step Two: Choose Products and Services >> Click Browse on the page that appears
  • Step Three: Find the file you want to import and select it >> Click Open >> Click Next
  • Step Four: Map your fields. In the Your Field drop-down, select the headers on your spreadsheet that match the field in QB Online >> Click Next
  • Step Five: Choose to Overwrite all values. This choice is valid for each product or service having the same name
  • Step Six: Review the data properly to confirm the data to be imported is all correct. Do not forget, the process once finished can’t be undone.
  • Step Seven: Click Import
If you come across cells highlighted in red, you should check again with Excel as those red-marked cells are the invalid ones. If required, you can try the above-mentioned steps one more time. You can also import sub-categories of the products and services, but you will require arranging properly to make sure it is imported in an organized manner in the QB Desktop.

Need Professional Help?

The steps are mentioned above but still, there are chances of you getting stuck while carrying out the import. If anything such happens, it is recommended that you connect with our expert representatives available on Option, who are ready to offer their instant assistance.

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