Benefits of Cloud Hosting for Small Businesses

  • January 4, 2024

With the world becoming one nation and business reach has been expanding now it is not only restricted to Mom-and-pop shops where everything is available under one roof no one was traveling and there was a limited staff.

When small businesses are expanding there is a huge need which has created a huge demand for cloud services and QuickBooks which can have more than 25 users accessing data simultaneously there is a lot of ease in doing business.

Why use QuickBooks on the Cloud?

  • Ease in handling Accountant Copy: QuickBooks on Cloud will give you the flexibility to handle Accountant copy with no issues as the Cloud gives you flexibility to access QuickBooks irrelevant of the location. As a business owner, you don’t have to manually send an accountant copy simply just share the credentials of the cloud.
  • Access QuickBooks Globally: If you are busy traveling for business and don’t want your accounting to suffer you should opt for QuickBooks on the cloud as this gives you the freedom to access your accounting without even putting your business on hold.
  • Data backup: Your data will be safe with the cloud as your data is backed up daily.
  • QuickBooks Update: You are not required to update your QuickBooks as the Cloud team will work on it.
  • Concurrent Users: When you are using QuickBooks and you have employees spread across and if your number of employees needs to use QuickBooks then Cloud is the solution you should be looking at.
  • Use it on iPad iPhone and Android: You can access your QuickBooks on the cloud on other devices apart from your desktop.

Disadvantages/ Challenges of using the Cloud:

  • Internet Speed: If you don’t have enough speed Internet cloud is not your thing as the Cloud needs speed.
  • Average Bandwidth: If you don’t have average bandwidth then using cloud on your QuickBooks can be a challenge.
  • Third-party Hardware and software: If you are using let’s say a code scanner it can be difficult to use it on Cloud as it is accessible in the cloud at times.
  • Limited Space in some cases: As the QuickBooks file is too heavy if you have limited space it can be challenging you should go for maximum space if your utilization is more.
  • Downtime: If the server is down you will not be able to access your cloud.
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