QuickBooks Online Vs QuickBooks Desktop

Quickbooks Online Vs Quickbooks Desktop
  • December 29, 2023

Quickbooks Online Vs Quickbooks Desktop Head to Head Compassion

Intuit market leader in accounting software was generating most of its sales through selling their desktop version which used to cost the users several hundred dollars to do their accounting however with the emerging cloud-based accounting application Intuit has moved on to a cloud-based alternative which is on Subscription model where in user have to pay a monthly fee to use the accounting software small businesses have to pay a nominal amount of $10 to $25 a month as compared to several hundred dollars which they had to pay to use QuickBooks desktop versions.

Why QB Desktop User Switching to QBO?

QuickBooks online user base has grown from around half a million subscribers in 2014 when it launched to 1.25 Million as per the latest report published in the last quarter in 2016.

There has been considerable growth in QuickBooks online still see QuickBooks desktop users in Millions it may be because small businesses are more comfortable using the old platform which I am sure will change in the coming years with the rise in QuickBooks Online and Intuit pushing hard to get the users to desktop version.

Key Comparisons Between QuickBooks Online v/s QuickBooks Desktop

1. Online Backup Service

In the QuickBooks desktop version if you have to protect your data and save the work that you have done you should go for QuickBooks online as it takes the backup automatically.

2. Software Installation

You have to install the software in case of the desktop version in QuickBooks online you can log in online on the QuickBooks portal and manage your accounting.

3. Multiple Platforms

You can log in on multiple platforms using your credentials on Quickbooks online whether it is MAC or Windows whereas in the desktop version, you can only log in through your installed application.

4. Cost

QuickBooks Online is available for a minimum cost of $15 and above whereas in QuickBooks desktop you have to shell out more than $299 and above depending on what kind of software version you are using.

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