How to Network With QuickBooks Integration to Website

How to Network With QuickBooks integration to Website

QuickBooks Integration with Website

For all QuickBooks users and Website business owners, to make your workflow easy and smooth sailing, it is advisable to integrate your QuickBooks data with your e-commerce store. 

However, for this, your Web hosting company must allow the QuickBooks Web Connector service to do the syncing. The integration helps the updates of a web service, in terms of sales, orders, pricing, products, and customers to get synced with QuickBooks automatically and all records are available on your system.

With the use of QuickBooks Web Connector service, your online store updates QuickBooks data. This integration can be configured in such a way that it can run either manually or automatically.

Steps for QuickBooks Integration with Website

Below are the very clear & easy steps to integrate QuickBooks with the website, follow them carefully to succeed;

  • Open your e-commerce site
  • Go to the administrative control panel
  • Log in using your user ID and password for the site
  • Select Manage Users
  • Now, you need to create an administrative user-id
  • Go to Add New User
  • Click on it
  • Give a user ID and password to the new user
  • Click Confirm
  • Enter the email ID for the new account user
  • Click OK
  • Now go to the control panel main menu
  • Click Operation
  • Select QuickBooks
  • Choose Account Settings
  • You now see the page of Manage Account Settings
  • Click on Admin User
  • A drop-down box appears
  • Choose the administrative user that you have just created for the QuickBooks Web Connector service.
  • No, go to QuickBooks Type
  • In the drop-down box, choose the QuickBooks version installed on your device
  • Select Get.QWC File
  • Click Next
  • Click on the Download Your Store.QWC
  • Your.QWC file is downloaded
  • Save it on your device
  • Now, go to QuickBooks on your computer
  • Download the QuickBooks Web Connector application from the official website of Intuit
  • Install it on the computer
  • Open the app
  • Click Add Application
  • Choose the.QWC file that you had downloaded and stored in your computer
  • Click Open
  • Click OK
  • This opens the screen for authorizing QuickBooks Web Connector
  • Click on the box to enter your website
  • There are two options for you to synchronize the website with QuickBooks: Manual or Automatic. For manual integration, click on Update Selected and leave the Auto-Run box unchecked
  • If you choose auto-run, then you have to set the syncing start timing and date as well as the frequency.
  • Enter your web host control panel’s password
  • Click Yes. The password is now saved.

The QuickBooks app now integrates with your e-commerce website.
After the first synchronization is completed, your website’s inventory has to be imported into the QuickBooks application

  • Go to the Web host’s control panel
  • Go to Operations
  • Click QuickBooks
  • Select Account Settings
  • Click on Import Inventory
  • Click Export Orders
  • Click Save
  • Now go to the QuickBooks Web Connector Service app
  • Integrate the app with the site

This completes your website’s integration with QuickBooks.

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