Quickbooks Online Payment Integration with Bill.Com

Intuit lately has made lot of progress in integration of its accounting software QuickBooks to lot of big players in the space of Payments latest being its integration with bill.com which has close to 1.4 million users which can be benefited from this integration and it not only for Bill.com users but QuickBooks which has 1.5 Million small and Medium business owners those who can use this in their day in day out Operations.

How Bill.com integration with QuickBooks helps overall

1. Bill Payments

When you are a small business it’s a daily need for your business to pay bills to small and big vendors and then over and above to track this in two platforms can become cumbersome experience for small businesses now it is a hard choice to make whether to focus on expanding business or focus on accounting. QuickBooks will help these users with better experience.

2. Helps in reconciliation

Lot of manual work means lot of unproductive work for the small business and then on top of it you have work with accountant to see if your reconciliation is matching in QuickBooks.

3. Large base

With the integration of both Quickbooks and Bill.com coming together it means millions of users will get the benefit as both have a large base of customers.

Intuit Says

“Our integration with Bill.com is being created with this in mind — to give business owners an easy-to-use, centralized solution to better manage their cash flow,” added Vinay Pai, vice president and head of Intuit Developer Group, in the press release.

This announcement was made during the first QuickBooks connect conference which has helped lot of businesses to know intuit better and will help all connected to QuickBooks grow faster.

This is all coming, with the recent news of QuickBooks now integrated with Paypal and QuickBooks integrated with G suite we see all these good news which is going to make the customer experience even better.

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