QuickBooks Online Backup and Restore

  • December 14, 2023

QuickBooks Online Backup and Restore

Steps to Follow while Doing Backup for QuickBooks Files

  • You have to Select a file ext .qbw which is an actual company file for Quickbooks.

Two types of Backup Local and Online before you take a local backup you need to have a specific hard drive or a removable disk it should not be C drive.

  1. Online Back Up
  2. You can set up online back where all the backup happens automatically on the cloud. You can set your Quickbooks for auto back as soon as you close QB you will prompted to take backup or you can schedule a back for the end of the day.

QuickBooks Online Backup and Restore is a facility that allows you to manage the backup strategy even from a remote site. It is a very secure and safe process for the remote backup. You can transfer the files and your data without any security issues, it encrypts your file before transferring so you don't have to worry about any kind of data loss or unnecessary access to data. It is an offsite storage unit that backups your file in an encrypted form and copies it to a remote location whenever you perform the backup sessions. You can also launch the manual backup process within QuickBooks anytime you want, or can set the backup scheduler to manage the backups automatically.

How To Set Up QuickBooks Online Backup Software

  • Click on the Start menu, go to the Programs, and select the QuickBooks Online Backup.
  • Then two options will appear displaying the QuickBooks online backup and uninstall backup.
  • Select the QuickBooks online backup option and right-click on it.
  • Next, select the Launch Main Application to launch the main online backup application.
  • Further, click on the Internet home page to start a web browser through which you can locate to the online backup website of QuickBooks.
  • Now click on the start backup button to start the manual backup process.
  • Then select the Suspend Scheduled Backups option if you want to deactivate the automatic scheduler for backup.
  • By performing these steps you will be allocated an Online Backup Account ID and the version of Online Backup software.

If you still face any problems while setting up the QuickBooks Online Backup and Restore software or any query related to QuickBooks, then we are just a call away. You can call our QuickBooks Technical Support Team and get the solution to your problem. Our QuickBooks Expert team is available 24*7 to help you. They are highly experienced and knowledgeable people who guarantee to solve your issues quickly. Our  QuickBooks Customer Support Team values the customer and provides them with proper info according to their issues. 

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