Convert Sage 50 to QuickBooks Desktop

Convert Sage 50 to QuickBooks Desktop
  • January 17, 2024

One of the breathtaking and matchless software for accounting and bookkeeping is QuickBooks. It is accepted across a wide range of businesses. With the help of Sage 50, several users switched to QuickBooks efficiently and effortlessly.

One of the most effective tools for the conversion of the Sage 50 to QuickBooks desktop is the QuickBooks Conversion Tool. The tool is very helpful in moving the data from Sage 50 which is earlier known as Peachtree to QuickBooks Desktop. This article is very useful in case you want to switch the Sage 50 file of your company to QuickBooks.

Conversion is Applicable

Following is a list of points that can be easily converted, they are:

  • The record of account, employee, item, customer, and vendor records
  • Balance of Accounts
  • The exchanges of transactions between Client and merchant.
  • The data of the Representative profile and contact info of him.
  • The remaining balance date of the Finance General Ledger account balance 
  • The paychecks are converted as Journal Entries.

Conversion is not Applicable

Following are some pointers that can’t be  easily converted, they are:

  • Transactions that are done on the payroll.
  • Up-to-date info on the employee.
  • The detail of the wage of the employee.
  • To calculate paycheck, we need payroll.
  • Work Tickets.
  • Fixed Assets
  • Partially and fully closed, Purchase orders, Estimates, and Sales orders.

Advantages of the Conversion

Converting Sage 50 to the QuickBooks Desktop provides many benefits to the user, some of the benefits are:

  • You will get the QuickBooks Backup file which will be stored on the QuickBooks file which is stored on your computer.
  • The detail post conversion you will get and then you can run in QuickBooks.
  • You will get the report of transactions that are imported.
  • Bring your file in the advanced mode in which you can work on it easily.
  • Working on the Sage file 50 on QuickBooks is very easy as there are advanced tools used in QuickBooks.

Limitations of Conversion

Several limitations take place while converting data from Sage 50 to QuickBooks Desktop. So, the following are the limitations of the conversion:

  • The Position of the Account Numbers charts
    The QuickBooks Desktop doesn't support more than seven accounts of numbers. The tool automatically if there are more than seven numbers.
  • Future Transactions
    In any case, the entries have the future dates the transactions will be posted in the future.
  • Multi-cash restrictions
    All unfamiliar cash information is transferred into home money.
  • Reversed journals are posted
    Some journals are already posted in QuickBooks. Clearing them can cause contrasts in your QuickBooks.
  • The transaction of debtor & creditors
    QB Conversion tool needs QuickBooks to be posted on the desktop. The client or merchant will be able to adjust your AR and AP history.

System Requirements for Sage 50 to QuickBooks Conversion

Converting Sage 50 to QuickBooks Desktop is done using the QuickBooks Desktop Conversion Tool. This tool only converts the 2013 version of Sage 50 or the higher version of QuickBooks. This tool fully supports QuickBooks Desktop Professional, Premiere, and Enterprise 2016. This is required to convert Sage 50 into QuickBooks.

  • Microsoft .NET system rendition 2.0.0. You might encounter a Quickbooks .net system error on the off chance that you don't have it appropriately installed.
  • Sage 50 and QuickBooks Desktop ought to be installed on a Windows 10-based system
  • 512 MB of Slam and 2.5 GB of Free Hard Drive

Converted from Sage 50 to QuickBooks

  • The employee's profile and all the information related to them.
  • Account balances are also variable.
  • salary
  • Accordingly, you can also convert transactions about customers and vendors in this.
  • Also, you can convert the list of accounts, Customers, Items, Employees, and vendors.
  • You Can convert payroll general ledger account balance information.

Can’t be Converted from Sage 50 to QuickBooks

  • You cannot convert fixed assets into 
  • individual employee wage and deduction information Cannot convert.
  • Can't convert them to work tickets.

Note: Converting Sage 50 to QuickBooks Desktop, you have to clean up junk files or unwanted entries in QuickBooks software.

Process of Converting Sage 50 to QuickBooks Desktop

Follow the following steps to convert Sage 50 to QuickBooks Desktop:

Step 1: Requirement for the Conversation

Before starting the conversion we need some important requirements of our system to be fulfilled. If these items are available in our system then only the conversion tool works properly and smoothly. Following is the list of items that we need for conversion.

  • Operating System:- Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
  • Hard Drive:- 2.5 GB of free size
  • Processor:- 500 MHz Intel Pentium II (minimum)
  • Memory (RAM):- 512 MB (minimum)
  • Microsoft .Net Framework:- (Minimum) version 2.0 
  • QuickBooks Desktop:- Pro, Premier, Enterprises 2018 or higher
  • Sage 50, Sage 50 Quantum:- Version 2015 or above

Step 2: Conversion Preparation

  • First, you have to download and install QuickBooks on your system properly.
  • Save Sage 50 and the QuickBooks on your local system hard drive. In case you don’t save both sage 50 and QuickBooks on the same hard drive, Then the error occurs while you perform your task. 
  • Now you have to back up the Sage 50 files before you start scanning as it saves your file from destruction.

Step 3: Setting up for sage 50 files:

Following are some points related to Sage 59:

  • The first step which is to be performed is to open the file which is to be converted.
  • Now select the main menu tab and from the drop-down menu of the menu tab, you have to select Maintain tab.
  • Now you have to select users from the maintenance window.
  • Navigate to the setup security And select it.
  • Now hit the data access.
  • Now you have to select login Information to enter the login ID and the passwords.
  • In case you want to change the password then you can change it easily.
  • Once you are done with the setting of the password, then hit the OK button for confirmation, and then hit the close button to exit from the screen.

Step 4: Installing of Conversion Tool

Follow the following steps to download and install of conversion tool:

  • First of all, you have to download the conversion tool on your system. So that the conversion will take place.
  • Once the file is downloaded successfully now you have to find and open that folder where the file is saved.
  • You found the downloaded file, so now you have to navigate to the file and right-click on the file. 
  • From the drop-down menu of right-click click select the properties tab from it.
  • From properties choose the mode of the file that is compatibility mode to be chosen.
  • Hit the tick on the check box to run this program in compatibility with Windows.
  • The window we need for it is Window 8 or Window 10.
  • Now hit the OK button to confirm it.
  • Navigate to the QuickBooks Conversion Tool Setup.exe and right-click on it. 
  • From the drop-down menu of right-click click select the run as administrator option from it.

Step 5: Data Conversion

Follow the following procedure to convert the data with the help of a conversion tool:

  • Open the conversion tool on your system.
  • Select the browse option in the tool to select the file which is to be changed.
  • Find out the file which you want to convert, so once you find out your sage 50 file then select it.
  • In the DSN setup window, choose the file from the database name drop-down menu. 
  • In case you have multiple files then you can scroll down to find the name of your company.
  • Once find the hit OK button to confirm.
  • Enter the password of the sage 50 which you created in the earlier step. Hit the next button to move forward.
  • Now you have to choose the QuickBooks Desktop version and the edition to which you are sending your sage data.
  • Hit the browse button to select the folder where you want to save your converted file. Then select the OK button.
  • In case you didn’t choose the folder for the file save then your conversion file is automatically saved in the documents.
  • Now once review all the updates that you have done and then hit the convert file button to start the conversion.
  • Once the conversion is started then the QuickBooks has launched automatically.
  • Once you are done with the above steps then the certificate will automatically pop up asking if need a prompt each time.
  • So select yes for the prompt each time.
  • Click the continue button and sit beside it to run the tool.

Step 6: Go Through the Conversion

Once the tool finished its work then you have to select QuickBooks to open it. Now you have to review the data in QuickBooks to make sure that everything is OK there. Now review the transfer log:

  • Hit the window icon on your keyboard to open the start menu.
  • Open the Internet Explorer on your system.
  • In the address bar of the Internet Explorer type C:\USERS\[your Windows user name] \My documents\ Intuit \QuickBooks.
  • Now you have reviewed the failed transaction log file in the folder. In this folder, you can easily review which data is not transferred.


While conversion some errors can arise, So, the following are some of the possible errors that can arise while converting the Sage 50:

  • In case your file is not saved on your system locally then you will get the error message that the hosting file is over the network
  • Sometimes the name of the file is in special characters, due to which it couldn’t be saved so, you have to remove these special characters.
  • In case there is an issue regarding the conversion and the message pops out again and again that something went wrong in that case you can contact us to resolve the issue.

We hope the above article will help convert the Sage 50 files to QuickBooks Desktop. In case you face any issues regarding this you can contact us, our technical team will assist you in resolving the issue in the comfort of your place.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I convert the Sage 50 to QuickBooks?

The following steps are the conversion process of Sage 50 to QuickBooks:
  • First, set the pre-conversion checklist for the sage of 50.
  • Now set the conversion checklist from QuickBooks.
  • Once you are done with setting get started with the conversion of data from Sage 50 to QuickBooks.
  • Once the above steps are done, now you have to checklist the post conversation for QuickBooks.
  • Now that you are done with the conversion, so now you can start using your sage file in QuickBooks.
2. What are the steps that we have to take before converting the QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online?
There are three steps that you have to perform to convert the data of QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online:
  • Before converting the file first you have to review all the critical information regarding the data.
  • Now you can export the company data by clicking on the export button in QuickBooks and then browsing to search the file and select it.
  • Now you have to connect with QuickBooks online and then import the data.
  • Once you are done with the connection of the QuickBooks online account to HCP and then hit import the data.
3. How Can I Convert Peachtree to QuickBooks?
Following are the steps to convert the Peachtree to QuickBooks:
  • First, you have to take the backup of your data.
  • It is very necessary to take the backup of any data before converting it.
  • Name your file by which it is easy to search it.
  • Now you have to visit Intuit and register our file.
  • Now download the converted file.
  • Run the converter tool installer to convert the data.
  • Now enter the name of your company so that it can be easily searched in the chart of accounts.
  • Set all of your preferences according to your requirements.
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