Recover Deleted Transaction in QuickBooks

Recover Deleted Transaction in QuickBooks
  • October 31, 2023

You can recover deleted transactions in QuickBooks if that has accidentally been deleted. However, the method of doing so might vary depending on how the transactions were deleted, and this blog provides you clear insights into it.

What is Recover Deleted Transaction in QuickBooks

To be frank, once you delete a transaction there is no way to undelete/recover/restore it. There is a chance that if you have deleted the transactions accidentally you can restore it once again. But there is a condition – the recovery method depends upon the scenario the transactions were deleted by you.

Purposefully deleted s or altered transactions appear in the QuickBooks Audit Trail and can be restored by re-entering the information once again.

If the transactions are lost accidentally because of an error in the computer or data loss it can be attempted to restore by using the latest backup file. Visit the link if you want to know about QuickBooks Enterprise Batch Enter Transactions.

Why Does it Become Necessary to Restore the Deleted Transactions in QuickBooks?

There may be times when you feel the necessity to remove a transaction for a specific purpose. Let us delve into the reasons why users might need to recover deleted transactions in QuickBooks Online:

  • Users may purge garbage data that might include vital transactions. That is when it becomes a necessity to retrieve the deleted transactions.
  • To improve QuickBooks Online's efficiency and performance, one might remove outdated transactions.
  • If your clients change their payment method, you may be compelled to replicate transactions after deleting the previous ones.

These circumstances necessitate the deletion of transactions. However, deleted transactions cause problems when evaluating the tax and final balance. Simply updating your QuickBooks accounting software might lead to dire consequences and clash with your backup file. As a result, recovering lost transactions is critical for some consumers.

How to Recover QuickBooks Deleted Entry

Warning: If you are using Enterprise Edition, You may have to contact the QuickBooks Enterprise Technical Team.

How to Locate the QB Deleted Transactions?

  • Select Gear Icon -> Audit Log.
  • Choose the Filter dropdown to view the option to select dates and types of activity to view. Click OK.
  • Locate the deleted transaction. For viewing the "deleted-transaction" type in the Activity column, (CTRL + F) to find "deleted".
  • Click to view the list in the history column.
  • The complete history of saved transactions will be showcased. On clicking to the left side of the original transaction you can view the info required to recreate the transaction. If you click Show All on the right side you will view the all edits that have been made to the transactions.
  • Once you fetch all the detailed information, re-enter it as a new transaction with its original date of transaction.

1. Method One: Recover Deleted Transactions Using the QuickBooks Audit Trail

Step One:

Click Reports -> Accounts & Taxes -> the side menu opens -> Audit Trail tab. Audit Trail involves every transaction that is entered, altered, or deleted. This feature averts fraud issues by recording the date, time, and user who altered or deleted the transaction.

Step Two:

Click -> from a date range box -> Choose the day when the transaction was deleted. Choose the same day for "To" date and if you are in doubt about the day you can run the report by the week or month. Click Refresh -> Audit Trail will display all transactions within the specific date range mentioned by you.

Step Three:

View the complete list of transactions -> Double-click on deleted transactions. Make a note of each item in the transaction. The audit trail is set up by the user who has created or altered the transactions for the last time based on type; date of creation and the alteration date of the transaction.

Step Four:

Enter the details of the transactions that were deleted. If an invoice is deleted, create a new invoice with the details that the deleted transaction carried. In case it is a bill or a payment receipt, create a new bill or a payment receipt with the details that were accidentally deleted.

2. Method Two: Recover Deleted Transactions Using Backup Files

1. Step One:

You need to rebuild the latest backup file. If you require the deleted transactions you can able to recover the latest backup file. Follow – Click QuickBooks "File" menu -> Open or Restore Company file.

2. Step Two:

Select Restore a Backup Copy -> click Next. You will be asked to answer "Is the Backup Copy Stored Locally or Online?" If you have saved the file backup to an external or flash drive -> choose Local Backup -> click next.

3. Step Three:

Locate the recent backup copy stored on your computer as the software indicates to choose a destination to search the backup file. Select location -> Click OK. Double-click on the latest backup file once you view it. Click OK.

4. Step Four:

Specify the destination to save the backup copy once you successfully find the company file. Select the default location of the external or flash drive you are using currently. Click OK.

5. Step Five:

Check out all the deleted transactions when you open the company file. Re-enter the transactions at the time when the transactions were deleted and at the restoration time.

How to Void a Transaction so that You Need Not Restore Deleted Transactions in QuickBooks? 

Yes, transactions can be voided so that there is no requirement for restoring deleted transactions in QuickBooks. You just have to abide by the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Main Menu in QuickBooks. 
  2. Opt for Sales and Expenses. 
  3. Choose the transaction that you wish to void in QuickBooks
  4. You have to provide a detailed description and specify the date of the void. 
  5. The information you provide will be stored in the Invoice Memo section. 
  6. Finally, click on More and select Void.

We can help you undo deleted transactions in QuickBooks and QuickBooks Audit logs: as well all you have to do is contact us at the below details.

Contact QuickBooks Experts for Help

If you are the one who has deleted some important transactions unintentionally can follow the above recommended steps in two scenarios. The steps are recommended Intuit and are followed by the users across the globe. You can contact the QuickBooks technical team via different modes like toll free phone, email, live chat etc. to recover the deleted transactions.

You can alternatively choose for recovery of your deleted transactions. This is a reliable third-party QuickBooks Support Company that hires experienced and knowledgeable professionals who with their combined skills help to resolve the issues. The resolution offered is complete and assured to be resolved in the minimum wait time. Contact us our QuickBooks Experts at

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the possible ways to restore transactions in QuickBooks that were deleted?

First, try to scan your hard drive where you deleted QB files. Next, run the “Quick scan” and then do a deep scanning to find the removed QuickBooks files. Select the QB files within the software which they find for you. Hit the Restore button which can be labeled as Recover and then make a click on the same.

How do I restore deleted transactions from a reconciled period?

If you’re unable to restore the deleted transactions then you can check the details of the same transaction just by hitting the View tab within the History column. And then manually recreate the transaction within the bank register.
Here’s how:

  • From the Windows left panel, click Accounting
  •  Next, select Chart of Accounts 
  • Choose the appropriate account and then click View register 
  • Using the drop-down, click Add Expense from the Date column 
  •  Type the appropriate transaction date along with that and complete the other remaining fields as well 
  • At last, hit Save.

How do I find deleted transactions and re-enter them using the Audit Log?

Initially, go to Settings and select Audit Log. From the Filter, choose the appropriate user, events, and date using the drop-down menu. Click the Apply button and then locate the deleted transaction. Select View within the History column. Under the Event tab, you will find all the details needed for the transaction. Use the data from the Audit log in order to re-enter the transaction with its original transaction date.

How Does Deleted Transaction Affect Finances?

In case you delete the transaction permanently in QuickBooks, it gets deleted from the reports and accounts altogether. Consequently, it disrupts the report balance which impacts the balance sheet negatively where the final balance won’t match.

Can I recover a deleted transaction in QuickBooks?

After you've removed a transaction, there is no method to undo it. Nevertheless, by utilizing the Audit Log, you can retrieve the information associated with the deleted transaction, allowing you to input it again if needed.

What happens when you delete a transaction in QuickBooks?

In the audit log, some details of a deleted transaction can be viewed, but the whole transaction cannot be restored. When you delete a transaction, it's completely removed from your books and won't appear in any reports or accounts.

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