QuickBooks Error 1328

  • January 13, 2024
QuickBooks Error Code 1328 

What is Error Code 1328 in QuickBooks

QuickBooks Error 1328 is an update error that occurs while updating your software. A few common reasons include improper installation, Malfunction causing the infectious attack, invalid entries in the Windows registry, and more. You can use the Registry Repair tool to repair the damaged registry entries or try reinstalling your software using Clean Installation to fix improper installation.

Error: QuickBooks Error Code 1328

Error message: Error 1328.Error updating file C:\Confiq.Msi\PT19C6.tmp. System error-1072807676

Note the error and type this in a Web browser: www.quickbooks.com/support/install.html

This error usually pops up when the User tries to QuickBooks software via a third-party application. The main cause of this issue is linked with temporary files (.temp files) stored under a folder the name of which is config.msi that obstructs repairing and updating the QuickBooks. This folder (config.msi) is stored in your system as a temporary archive which is used to place that script.

In case, there is a failure in the software, the system needs this folder to roll back the installation process. It automatically starts running once the user starts the software and the file will get removed from the system. In some cases, the file doesn't get deleted manually or automatically, the Quickbooks Error 1328 pops up.

How to Resolve QuickBooks Error 1328

To Resolve Quickbooks Error 1328, you need to reevaluate the config.msi folder

There may be cases when the error message pops us in three words namely:

Abort, Ignore, and Retry. First, you need to rename the config.msi folder. This solution that is applied to the files (temporary) stored under the config.msi folder restricts the software from getting repaired and updated by itself.

In case, there is a failure in the software, the system needs this folder to roll back the installation process. Once the software gets installed successfully and starts working without any problem, the file that was stored previously will be deleted. There may be times when it does not get removed automatically and even manual efforts do not let the file be deleted.

If you want to locate and rename the config.msi folder, you need to follow the instructions:

  • Open the start button and click on the icon followed by selecting the Explorer option to open the Windows Explorer.
  • Now, click on C: drive.

To view all Hidden Files and folders and Protected Files of the Operating System, You need to follow mentioned below steps:

  • Click on the Tools tab, go to Folder Options click on the ‘View’ Tab, click on Hidden files and folders, click on Show hidden files and folders, click on Apply and OK tab options
  • Protected Files of Operating System –
  • Open Tools, then Folder Options followed by View Tab, click on Hide Protected Operating System Files, and deselect Apply and OK tab options.
  • Now locate and right-click the mouse over the config.msi folder followed by selecting Rename option.
  • In the rename section, add .old after adding the file name and then press enter. This should name the file as msi.old.

To end the process, you need to hide both the Hidden files & folders and the Protected Operating System files by following the steps:

A. To hide Files and Folder

  • Open Tools
  • Go to Folder Options
  • View Tab, Click on Hidden files and folders
  • select Hide hidden files and folders
  • click on Apply and OK tab.

B. Hide Protected Files of Operating System

  • Open Tools
  • Folder Options
  • View Tab click on Hide Protected Operating System Files
  • click on Apply and OK tab.

Other errors might occur like the dbextclr11 Error in QuickBooks. Our Assistance channels are available to you via our website. Visit our Website and get any time solutions. Our Live Chat Support feature is also there on our Website. You can also get in touch with us through our Quickbooks Professionals on Chat now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the root causes of QuickBooks error 1328?

The main cause behind the occurrence of this QuickBooks update error code 1328 can be installing a version with a different license number than that currently installed. The reason for this update error is also the .temp files in the config.msi folder which prevents QuickBooks from completing the update. The other possible causes are the attack of Malware, incorrect or improper installation, improper system shutdown due to power failure, and more.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 1328?

Whenever you encounter QuickBooks error 1328 then you must notify the symptoms include: QuickBooks gets stopped or stopped working, response time becomes very low, users are unable to update because of an error message that continuously pops up, windows become falls or sluggish from time to time, etc.

Can downloading Windows updates rectify QuickBooks error 1328?

Yes, many times QB is unable to install and open properly because the Windows Operating System (OS) is outdated. In that case, you can perform the downloading of the Windows updates and install missing improvements related to .NET Framework, C++, and MSXML issues. To do so, you can simply press the Windows keys from your keyboard and then type Windows Update in the search field. Here you’ll get all the updates available; perform the required updates. Once the installation process ends reboot or restart your system then try to open the QB Desktop and verify whether the error has been resolved or not.
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