Set Up Email Service in QuickBooks Desktop 2016

Set Up Email Service in QuickBooks Desktop 2016
  • March 20, 2024

QuickBooks Email Service

In QuickBooks, the configuration of electronic mail service can be done for expenses, transactions invoices, etc used for any type of emailing service.

These emails can be configured by Outlook or Webmail and are the same as a normal email address. Quickbooks emailing is done by the owner or the vendor only for the sending and receiving of emails within the Quickbooks for security and safety purposes.

Some basic things that need to be taken care of while email service setup is done are user name and password, Incoming server address, and server type outgoing server address for emails. For Outlook setup send forms should be in the preferences part of QuickBooks. For webmail setup internet service provider must be called to confirm the settings foe QuickBooks configuration with email services.

Different email service features add a lot to QuickBooks for everything electronically

  • If an invoice is not been captured in QuickBooks due to some error QuickBooks email provides the backup for all kinds of invoices or payments as using email service with QuickBooks keeps the track of all kinds of sent or received emails which normally is used with the email services.
  • We can set up any email provider with QuickBooks like Gmail, Yahoo, Rediff, etc. For the email configuration under preferences, there is an option to send forms where an add button is to be clicked then you can type in your email address and the password and it would be updated with QuickBooks.
  • For the vendor, users, and employees the email service is enabled for keeping track of all the issues or the services, all the transactions, the invoices, and all detailed data what a person can access comes with ease of access to the service of QuickBooks.
  • Emailing makes it easy for quickbooks to get connected with all the people who are using the same. The quickbooks email service allows users to mail all kinds of information with secure mode.

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