QuickBooks Freezing or Slowing down after installation

  • December 21, 2023

How to solve issues with QuickBooks freezing?

At times when you just installed the latest version of QuickBooks (2016 or 2017) it conflicts with your existing software resulting in slowing down the computer now how can you get this sorted?

This is what one of the Customers said when we helped him with the issue

“Just seeing if others are having issues with QuickBooks 2017. Since installing, which your tech had to remotely come in to do and took over 2.5 hours.

Now I am getting my computer freezing up. Not running. And hanging up with any inactivity. I am frustrated at this point. right now, I have been trying to restart my computer since 5:45 the am and it's just spinning doing nothing again. I need Quickbooks 2017 Support and I need that right now.”

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