Merging Vendors, Suppliers or Expenses in QuickBooks

  • December 31, 2023

Merging vendors, suppliers, or expenses in QuickBooks

  1. First after logging in QuickBooks, you would need to select the Vendors you want to merge. Please note that vendors once merged cannot be undone.
  2. Before merging the accounts you would want to make sure that they are of the same level.
  3. Since after merging, one vendor detail will disappear thus you would want to make sure that you only select vendors whom you don’t want.
  4. Now click Edit the details.
  5. Change the details of the vendor you finally want to have.
  6. Click Save and then Yes to confirm that you want to merge the two.

If you are still not able to merge vendors, suppliers, or expenses in QuickBooks then get help from our QuickBooks Pro Advisors staff at Chat now.

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