Credit Card Payments in QuickBooks Desktop

Credit Card Payments in QuickBooks Desktop
  • December 20, 2023

By doing this, you can easily record and categorize credit card payments. It will also help you to track expenses and ensure that accurate financial reports are maintained.

Different ways to get the credit card payment recorded in QuickBooks Desktop

1. Writing a Cheque

  • Tap on the icon that shows the (+) Plus sign and then the Cheque
  • Now go to the field of Bank Account and then select the bank account, which was used to make the payment
  • In case the cheque is issued already, make sure that you uncheck the Print Later. As soon as the field of Cheque becomes available, get the cheque number entered. If the payment was done electronically then in that particular field type EFT
  • Now in the field of Pay to the Order, get the credit card name entered, it could be of Supplier or Vendor name
  • Then get the payment amount added
  • After that go to the field of Account and choose the credit card
  • Then select Save.

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2. Creating the Transfer

  • Choose the (+) Plus icon present at the top and then select Transfer
  • Now from the drop-down of Transfer Funds, choose the credit card to which the payment went
  • Then in the box of Transfer Amount, get the payment amount entered
  • You can also edit the date, though this is optional
  • Select Save.

3. Creating the Payment

  • Firstly, choose the Gear icon that is present at the top, and after that select Reconcile
  • Then ensure that a credit card account is chosen
  • After that fill in the information in the window of Reconcile Statement
  • Now on the screen of Reconcile, select the cheque box selected that next to that transaction which matches the transaction present in the statement you have so that it is marked as clear
  • If there are transactions that are missing but present in the statement, then enter it also if you want to edit the incorrect transactions do that.
  • As soon as the difference becomes zero, select Finished
  • Then decide you are going to pay for a credit card:
    1. Make the complete payment or the partial payment of the bill: You will be directed toward the Cheque screen, where the full amount will be listed. To make the partial payment, enter the paid amount.
    2. Entering a Bill to make the payment later: You will be taken to the screen of Bills where you will see that the full amount is listed. To make the partial payment, get the amount changed as to what you are willing to pay. If you are not sure about the partial amount, then leave the full amount added, and then later on you can edit it so that the actual paid amount gets reflected. This option will ensure that the balance is moved from the account of the credit card to Accounts Payable
    3. Done: This option is used when you have done nothing about the payment. It depends upon your wish, whether you want to enter the bill or cheque outside the reconciliation. Once you are done with it, make sure that the transaction affects the account of the credit card. 

4. Using the banking download

In case the account from which you pay the bill of credit card and the credit card, are connected then you can easily get the transaction added by transferring it from one of the accounts and then cross-verifying the transaction from another account.

  • Go to the left menu and select Banking.
  • Then choose Banking from the top.
  • After that get one bank account selected.
  • Then choose the transaction of credit card.
  • Ensure that the radio button is changed to Transfer from Add.
  • In the drop-down of Account, select another account. For example: if you are making changes in the transfer on the account credit card, then select that account also from where you have received the payment
  • Choose Transfer.
  • Select another bank account so that you can see the transaction details of that account.
  • After that choose the tab that says Recognise and get the transaction located. Once you are done with it, you will be able to see the icon of the green match.
  • Select the Match in the column of action.

Issues Users face while categorizing credit card payments in QuickBooks Desktop

You may have two credit cards out of which you are exclusively using for work and another is also for work but sometimes you use it for personal things as well.

You pay off the installment for the work card each month and do not use it for any new purchase, just to make the payment of the balance. Payment made by you is on a full-on monthly basis. Now the question that arises here is how you are going to categorize these payments in the QuickBooks Banking Section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How would I know the record of credit card payments in QuickBooks Desktop

In QuickBooks, credit card buys were recorded in the overall record accounts which preceded the company bills. The payment which is done by the company credit card must be recorded in the credit card tab. The payments regarding the credit card recorded may be recorded with a credit to Cash and a solitary charge to Credit Card Payable.

What is the entry section for credit card payments?

In your journal entry section, you should debit your cash account in the account which is related to sales and fees. You can debit the Credit Card expense account that leads to the account of your charges. Credit your Sales account introduces the sum up the amount of overall sales.

What account type defines a credit card?

In the background, the credit card defines a sort of money related to the financial account. By utilizing credit cards, clients/customers can offer a bank's cash rather than their own to pay for buying products and services and after some time, they just repay the bank.

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