Record/Create A Deposit in QuickBooks Desktop

Create A Deposit in QuickBooks Desktop
  • December 28, 2023

Here are the steps:

  • Locate Undeposited Funds account to insert transactions
  • Now you have to combine the transactions into QuickBooks via a bank deposit
  • Each bank deposit makes an individual record in QuickBooks while creating a deposit at a time and deposit slips. Below are the steps:
    • Choose +New option
    • Click on Bank Deposit
    • Now Find the dropdown named Account, then select the amount you need to put the money into
    • Choose the checkbox for each transaction that you need to add
    • ensure that the sum of the chosen transactions matches with the deposit slip
    • Now you can use the deposit slip as a reference slip
    • Hit on the Save and Close button
    • Make sure all the transactions in the undeposited fund account are displayed in the bank deposit window. In case you are unable to view then you require to add it to the undeposited Funds account

Now start handling the bank deposits

Here are the steps to check past bank deposits

  • Locate Reports option
  • Now scroll down and then hit on the Sales and Customer option
  • Choose the Deposit Detail report
  • The deposit detail report contains a summary of the completed bank deposits. Choose particular deposits to explore in-depth details
  • Once done, you can remove a payment from a deposit when you mistakenly added an improper payment. You can even remove a particular payment through deposits.

How to enter deposits in QuickBooks Desktop 2022?

  • Hit on the Quick Create + option
  • Choose Bank Deposit
  • It will display the Deposit Window.
  • Now follow the below steps:
    • Choose the bank account in which you require deposits into
    • Write the deposit date, as mentioned in the checks.
    • Choose the existing payments option and hit on the box that appears near the checks you deposit in
    • Ensure that the total sum matches the amount you entered into the bank
    • Now Hit on Save and Close

How to Edit/undo a deposit in QuickBooks Desktop

  • Open QuickBooks
  • Locate Record Deposits icon appears on the Home page
  • Hit on the Banking option and then choose Make Deposits
  • It will display the Deposit Window.
  • Select the Cancel button
  • Choose a previous option to move toward the transactions until you discover the deposit or payment from deposits that you need to remove.
  • Hit on the Edit option
  • Click on Delete Deposit if you want to remove the payment of the deposit.

How to fix the customer payments that have been deposited without affecting the reconciliation in the QuickBooks Desktop 200?

Here are the cases which can be beneficial to adjusting the customer payments:

1. First Case: Move a deposited payment to the right customer job:

Below are the steps you require to move an incorrectly applied payment from one customer job to the right correct customer job:

  • Firstly make a duplicate payment for the right customer.
  • Locate the customer's option, choose to Receive Payments
  • Now make a duplicate payment for the right customer.
  • Hit on Save & Close
  • Delete the genuine payment
  • Now recreate the payment line in the deposit.
  • Discover the Banking option, choose to Make Deposits
  • Click on the Cancel option that appears at the bottom of the Window named Payments to Deposit.
  • Locate the Make Deposits Window; select the previous option until you discover the deposit with the original payment, which is not properly applied.
  • Click on the Payments option to re-open the Payments to Deposit window.
  • Choose the newly made payment, and then hit on OK button to add it.
  • Open the Make Deposits Window to choose the original payment.
  • Click on the Edit option, and choose the Delete Line button.
  • Hit on the Save & Close option to replace the payment automatically with the modified payment
  • Choose the Yes option to the warning named You have changed the transaction.
  • Now delete the original payment.
  • Discover the customer's option, click on Receive payments
  • It will display and receive payments in Windows.
  • Choose the Previous option until you discover the original payment.
  • Click the Edit option and choose Delete Payment.
  • Hit on the OK button to the warning message to confirm the delete of the transaction
  • Choose the Save and Close button.

2. Case Two: You are required to connect a reconciled deposit to customer payment:

Here are the steps:

  • Locate the Make Deposits screen
  • Discover the deposit in the register
  • Now double-click on the DEP line.
  • Press the Ctrl +Delete button on the keyboard to delete the deposit line
  • Choose the Payments option that appears on the top of the screen.
  • Click on the checkmark button that appears next to the payments associated with depositing.
  • Hit on Save and Close

3. Case Three: You are required to convert the customer payment to a Retailer or Deposit:

Follow the steps:

  • Make an upfront deposit item. Here are the instructions:
  • Discover the lists option and choose the item list
  • It will display the item list window.
  • Give a right-click anywhere on the screen and choose the New option.
  • Search for a drop-down named Type and then click on Service or Other Charge
  • Discover the Number field or Item Name
  • Enter a name
  • Locate the drop-down named Account, select the upfront Deposit account you have made
  • Hit on OK button
  • Find the original customer payment.
  • Note down the date, payment mode, Amount of Payment, check number, or reference.
  • Make a new sales receipt by following the below steps:
  • Write the customer name, job name, payment info, and date from the original deposit.
  • Now use the previously created retained item and write the amount of the retainer.
  • Afterward, deposit the sales receipt to the undeposited Fund.
  • Hit on the Save and Close option
  • Locate the original customer payment
  • Hit on the History button
  • Now highlight the deposits.
  • Click on the Go To button.
  • Locate the Deposit Window click on the Payment button, discover the Sales Receipt button, and then add to the deposit option
  • Hit on the original customer payment
  • Press the Ctrl+Delete button to remove the payment in the deposit Window
  • Now save the deposit.
  • The original customer payment should appear on the screen and then click on the delete payment button.
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