Convert QuickBooks Online to Desktop

Convert QuickBooks Online to Desktop
  • September 8, 2022

It seems that converting from QuickBooks Online to Desktop has been a common need of many business owners. There can be numerous reasons to convert. However, if you browse the internet you will hardly find any real-time solution. Thankfully, here you will find the genuine steps and other details of how to convert QuickBooks Online to the Desktop version. 

Many businesses are thinking of converting QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop. If you are one of them, you have a few steps and options that you can take into consideration to achieve the conversion successfully. 

Explaining Conversion From QB Online to Desktop

The conversion refers to the export of all files from the Online version to the Desktop version. While exporting the files the functionalities will vary. Thus, if you feel like changing, just change the subscription and move to the other version.

QB Online is a cloud-oriented software. Hence, you are allowed to sign up and access the files from any device. Contrarily, the Desktop version can have access from one device at a time which is connected to a specific network.

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Reasons to Convert QB Online to Desktop

The conversion from one version of QuickBooks to another has always been fascinating. As every person has their individual needs, the platform they use can also vary. Each version of QuickBooks has its distinguished features and functions. Thus, the conversion may be needed due to the following reasons:

Offline Access

QB Desktop can be accessed even without an internet connection. All you need to do is to install it on your device. Thus, if you are in an area with no proper internet connectivity, the conversion proves to be beneficial for you.

Ownership of Data

As the data is saved locally in the case of QuickBooks Desktop, people who prefer to have sole control and access to their business finances can find it helpful.

Extra-Added Features

Surprisingly, the QB Desktop has more advanced features compared to the online version. So, if you need to access any feature unavailable in the online version, it is better to switch to Desktop. 


The extreme customization features offer more flexibility when making reports, templates, and other financial documents. You can tailor-craft your business documents with the QB Desktop.

Cost Factor

The business size always determines what cost-effective accounting solution you need for smooth running. For example: If the business is large, its accounting requirements are intricate which in turn calls for the Desktop version

Large Data

QB Desktop can access large files better as compared to QB Online. Businesses with huge transaction records always choose QB Desktop over the Online version.

Intricate Inventory Management

If your venture is inventory-centric and needs heavy inventory management, it is better to choose QB Desktop. The version also provides advanced tracking features related to the inventory.

Numerous Companies

After subscribing to QB Desktop, you can manage multiple companies with no extra charges. On the other hand, in the online version you have to pay separate charges for each company.

Things to Remember Before Conversion

Before you begin the process of conversion of data from the Online version to the Desktop version, you should remember the following points: 

  • The Windows version you are using must be the latest one or the one launched after 2004. 
  • The desktop should be compatible with QB Desktop and the Internet Explorer must be 32-bit. Internet Explorer 64-bit will show an error while running the program. 
  • The Internet Explorer of your device should be either 10 or higher when exporting the data.
  • You need to boost the conversion with the help of ActiveX when the process is no longer performed. 
  • If you are using the Desktop version of QB on Mac, direct export cannot happen. Moreover, the process will be different. 
  • People who are using the non-US edition of QuickBooks may have to restrict to a few items including customers, products, services, etc. 
  • You must have at least one invited accountant if you are an administrator of a company. 
  • You must clean all the unwanted or junk files from the QuickBooks desktop.

Process of Converting QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop

Once you are ready after making the settings as per the requirements, the next step is to go for the QuickBooks conversion. Well, so far as the conversion is concerned, you have three options that you can adopt to achieve your objective.

The steps for both options have been shared below:

1. Option One: Export & Convert

  • Sign in to the client’s QB Online Account.
  • Choose the Gear icon.
  • Select Export Data.
  • You may enter the reason for export.
  • Select Continue.
  • You get an option to move to QuickBooks Desktop. Click Learn More, over there.
  • Again, you have to Download the company file. Click Learn More over there.
  • On the export overview screen, you can review the data.
  • Click Get Started.
  • You will have an Exporting from QuickBooks Online page in front of you.
  • Click Continue to Download.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the export process.

2. Option Two: Using IE Explorer

  • Sign in to the QB Desktop as an Administrator. To do this:
    • Right-click the QuickBooks Desktop icon.
    • Click on Run as Administrator.
    • QB screen opens for you to select the company file you want to open.
  • Open IE (no other browser would work).
  • Turn off the pop-up blocker before logging in to QB Online in the browser. To turn off the blocker:
    • Go to the Tools icon.
    • Select Internet Options.
    • Choose the Privacy tab.
    • Uncheck Turn on Pop-up Blocker.
  • Sign in to the QBO account.
  • Go to the Gear icon. Click it.
  • Choose Export Data.

3. Option Three: Export as per file Requirements

  • Check your requirements related to the company file.
  • Based on the same, prepare for the data export.
  • Create a QBO online account.
  • Open QB Desktop.
  • Go to the Company menu.
  • Choose Export Company File to QuickBooks Online.
  • Login into your QBO account once again.
  • Decide if you want to export the inventory data onto the new platform.
  • Indicate the same to the software.
  • Choose the QBO Company file.
  • Prepare a Data File Copy.

4. Option Four: Security Settings of Internet Explorer

  • Go to the Internet Explorer. Right-click on the icon. Tap on the option stating “Run as admin”. 
Run QuickBooks as admin
  • Seek the menu stating “Security and trusted sites”.
  • Moving ahead, choose the “Sites”.
  • In the box of “Add this website to the zone” type: * or *
  • Shut the window of the “Trusted Sites”.
  • Uncheck the enable option of the “Protection Mode”.
  • To Disable the “Protection Mode”, restart the Internet Explorer.
  • Leave it open. 

5. Option Five: Prepare the Desktop Version Before Export

  • Right-click on the QB Desktop icon to access it. You must sign in as the admin. 
  • If you do not have a preinstalled version of QB Desktop, you can download the trial version. 
  • Go to the “File” and then “Close Company”. 

6. Option Six: Prepare the Data You Export from QB Online

  • Open the QuickBooks version where you want to export the company file. You must proceed with the No Company option. Also, do not open a company file.
  • Log in to QuickBooks Online. 
  • Opt for the “Gear” icon. Go to “Export Data” under the Tools menu.
  • From the pop-up, choose the reason and then tap to “Continue”.
  • Access the “Learn More” options in QB Desktop.
  • Access the “Learn More” under the menu of downloading the company data. 
  • Go through the overview of the “Export” and start the process. 
  • Choose and confirm the installation of ActiveX control. 
  • Continue after the installation is done. 
  • Select the data you will export and continue.
  • Review the data you will be exporting and tap on “Continue” again. 
  • Enter the contact info and hit on “Continue”.

Note: You will be receiving an email with all the steps mentioned in the conversion and export. It also mentions the time depending on the amount of data present. The email indicates the completion of data compiling and moving to the last step.

7. Option Seven: Complete the Export

To begin in the Online version of QB, repeat the given steps and go to the export page.

  • Click on “Settings” and go to “Export data”.
  • Re-run the steps and prep up to export data from QB Online.
  • Choose the “Continue” tab for downloading the exports from the Online page. 

Switch to QB Desktop for the following:

  • Make sure that the “No Company” screen is open. Visit the file and of for “Close Company”.
  • Select the option as per your choice and tap on “Continue”.
  • Tap on the download option.
  • Save the screen of the company file. Choose the location where you want to save the file.
  • From the pop-up screen, save the file in the desired location. Continue to the option stating “Convert Now”. 
  • Click on “Yes” every time it appears on the screen.
  • Navigate the “Continue” option and tap on “Done”.
  • Finish and start running the reports.

Why Do Businesses Purchase QuickBooks Desktop? 

Even though QuickBooks Online was carried out a lot later than QuickBooks Desktop and doesn't need to depend on yearly updates in significant deliveries like the Desktop form, it passes up some key parts that are accessible on QuickBooks Desktop. When all is said and done, QuickBooks Desktop is more appropriate when there is a higher volume of data to be processed and there is a prerequisite for a more prominent level of specialization as far as the accounting activities. With extra highlights in regions like data passage, work costing, revealing, stock administration, and accounting, QuickBooks Desktop has an unmistakable edge over QuickBooks Online. 

Benefits of QuickBooks Desktop over QuickBooks Online 

QuickBooks Desktop is a superior alternative for combinations and accounting services that need to keep up with different company books. It is additionally a superior choice for product-based organizations that need to monitor inventories, especially the ones that are operational in one of the business classes accessible in QuickBooks. The following is a synopsis of the significant benefits of QuickBooks Desktop over QuickBooks Online. 

  • Progressed stock administration: While QuickBooks Online provides just the earliest in, earliest out (First-In-First-Out) strategy for stock service, and that too just on select adaptations, there are two methods for following stock with QuickBooks Desktop. The option normal expense strategy is accessible with the Advanced Inventory add-on module. 
  • Industry-explicit customizations: QuickBooks Desktop remembers customizations for organizations for specific ventures like assembling and discounting, contracting retail, nonprofit, professional services, and general business. 
  • Group invoicing technique: It is feasible to give solicitations in groups with QuickBooks Desktop which works on customer overhauling when there are numerous organizations included. 
  • Deal with numerous accounts: A solitary QuickBooks Desktop installation upholds various company files. This is, nonetheless, not valid for QuickBooks Online which can deal with just one company file for each membership. 

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Things, you need to note while changing over from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online 

  • QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop have a few varieties that could cause similarity issues. 
  • It is ideal to utilize the most recent rendition of the QuickBooks desktop to limit similarity issues. 
  • Try not to export multicurrency data from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop as it probably won't be shown effectively. 
  • The change is to be finished with Internet Explorer. 
  • A few records like review logs and gauges may not be accessible on QuickBooks Desktop. These records can be exported as PDFs. 

There are limitations on the number of things like clients, merchants, and workers for various QuickBooks Desktop renditions. You may need to redesign when the cutoff points surpass the admissible numbers. 

Aside from these elements, certain records from QuickBooks Online will be changed over to their QuickBooks Desktop and a few fields will expect default esteems in QuickBooks Desktop. Ensure that you acquaint yourself with the progressions before relocating. 

Moving List Data from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop 

Rundown things like merchants, clients, products, administrations, and accounts can be moved from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop. The following are the overall steps for the process. 

  • Export the report for the appropriate rundown thing into Excel in the endorsed design. 
  • Make changes to the data, and guide the fields with those in QuickBooks Desktop. 
  • Import the data into the particular field in QuickBooks Desktop after setting up the application. 

The thing you need to know is that you might have the option to export the rundown things and the current open offsets with this technique. The transactions won't get exported naturally. Likewise, if you are moving products and accountant services, you will initially need to set up a stock following before importing. 

Utilizing Data Backup 

The most dependable strategy for importing data from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop is by utilizing backups. QuickBooks Online Advanced clients can make online backups of their company files, save their accounting data to Google Drive, and restore it in QuickBooks Desktop. The Online Backup and Restore application isn't accessible to other QuickBooks Online clients, who should utilize outsider applications for sponsorship and reestablishing data. 

How Might QuickBooks Desktop Hosting Help? 

If there was a strategy to beat the essential drawback of QuickBooks Desktop versus QuickBooks Online, that is, the capacity to get to it utilizing any device utilizing the web, it would give the previous the advantage for most organizations. Hosted QuickBooks Desktop is that arrangement. With hosted QuickBooks Desktop, the product is installed on an organized worker of an outsider specialist co-op through which the product can be gotten to utilizing any gadget with an internet browser. Such a host can provide the necessary QuickBooks Desktop adaptation including QuickBooks Desktop Pro, QuickBooks Desktop Premier, QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Solutions, and others utilizing Remote Desktop Protocol. 

Aside from getting to any form of QuickBooks without capital ventures, QuickBooks hosting administration defeats large numbers of the inadequacies of both QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. 

  • Concurrent admittance to numerous clients to a data file on QuickBooks Desktop. 
  • Worked on file imparting capacities to a continuous following office. 
  • Better asset to the board. 
  • Decreased spending on the foundation and the executives’ costs. 
  • Solid security and data backup.
Need Professional Help?

In case you get stuck anywhere while conducting the conversion, you can connect with our experts on the option as they are available to help 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to make Internet Explorer the default browser to convert QuickBooks Online to Desktop?

Yes, you have to make your Internet Explorer browser the default one. By making it the default browser, you won’t get any issues when converting QuickBooks online to a desktop.

To do this, the steps are:-

  1. Open the Internet Explorer
  2. Go to the Gear icon
  3. Select Internet Options
  4. The window named Internet Options opens up
  5. Click on the Programs tab, under the Opening Internet Explorer heading
  6. You have to click on Make Internet Explorer by default browser.

Is it required to do a backup before converting QuickBooks online to a desktop?

The backup is as important as you have crucial data that you can’t lose. So for the safer side, You must take a backup and make copies to save it in different locations. It helps you restore your data in case of data corruption or data loss while converting QuickBooks Online to Desktop.

What if there is some error when I convert QuickBooks online to desktop, then how do fix it?

In this case, you have to resolve the error first. So, it won’t cause any harm to your data. After that, convert your data from QuickBooks online to desktop. You can also connect with the helpdesk team if you are facing more trouble in converting your data.

How do I import QBO into QuickBooks desktop?

In the Banking menu, select Import Web Connect Files and Bank Feeds. Click Open on the QBO file you saved. Select: Use an existing QuickBooks account if the account into which you're importing transactions is already set up in QuickBooks.

What data does not convert from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop?

QuickBooks Desktop will not convert the following

  1. Deposit's billable status.
  2. Repeating transactions and online banking transactions awaiting approval.
  3. 3. Attachments for transactions (such as invoices, expenses, and checks).
  4. 4. Details like location data, custom field information, markups, and the To Be Sent status

Can you Convert QuickBooks Online?

  1. QuickBooks Desktop Pro or Premier.
  2. Log in as an administrator to the company file you wish to import. Head to the Company menu, then choose.
  3. Export Company Files to QuickBooks Online. Proceed to initiate your export. Sign in as an administrator to your QuickBooks Online company.

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